Recruit Update: JACKSON EMERY

TBS has confirmed that Jackson Emery signed with BYU.

In a week full of twists and turns for the BYU basketball program, the road got a little straighter this afternoon. Utah's Mr. Basketball Jackson Emery sent his letter-of-intent to new BYU Head Coach Dave Rose.

"It was a little stressful at the beginning of the week," Emery said. "I wasn't sure if I was going to stay with BYU or what was going to happen."

Between former head coach Steve Cleveland leaving to Fresno State, Rose being hired and assistant Andy Toolson leaving as well, Emery had some concerns about his standing with the Cougars. Cleveland and Toolson were involved in recruiting Emery and after their departure he had some questions.

Unfortunately, since he was still a recruit and it was during the NCAA's "Quiet Period" Coach Rose couldn't call Emery and talk about the program. When Wednesday came and the signing period began, Rose was able to contact Emery. On Friday, Rose came to Lone Peak High School to talk to Emery, his parents and coach.

"He took me out of AP Calculus," Emery said with a chuckle. "So that was a good thing. He talked to me about his past, how he got into coaching and what style he'll use and what he saw my role was."

Coach Rose was joined by his only assistant John Wardenburg on the visit. Together they reassured Emery that he still had his offer and would be welcomed at BYU. They also told him that since there are just the two coaches they are working double time to stay on top of recruiting and running the program.

After the visit, Emery said he felt very comfortable with Coach Rose and felt better about his decision to play for BYU. He sent his letter-of-intent shortly thereafter. Emery also said that once finals are over at BYU next week he'll start lifting with the team.

"It was a very big relief to get this done," Emery said. "I'm excited to be coming to BYU."

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