Fan Speak with Justin Robinson

Perhaps no member of the 2005 signing class is more anticipated, or more needed, than cornerback Justin Robinson. The junior college transfer answered questions from TBS subscribers on a range on topics.

Ryan O: What specific conditioning drills did BYU ask you to do after you signed?

Justin Robinson: "They sent me a booklet that focuses on mostly building my upper body strength. They have certain percentages of body strength that you work toward. I'm following it every day and I'm getting stronger, but not too strong. I don't want to lose my speed. Right now I'm 5-10, 163, so I've managed to put on a lot of muscle and I'll continue to follow the program and get bigger."

Have the coaches told you if you'll be involved in returning kicks?

Robinson: "They really didn't mention it to me at all. Of course I'd love to have that chance since it's something I feel I'm good at. Coach [Brian] Mitchell is coming down to visit me real soon and maybe we'll talk about it then. I'm just concentrating on playing corner right now though."

Spencer R:

Have the coaches told you if you'll be involved in returning kicks?

Robinson: "I'll be a junior this coming year"

What are your hobbies besides football?

Robinson: "I love basketball. I feel I'm a very good basketball player and could have played basketball in college if I wanted to. Football is my main sport though and I feel that's the sport I play best. I also like model cars a lot and I love playing NCAA football on the PlayStation. Madden and that sort of stuff. I just love sports."

Scot H:

When do you plan to come out to Provo?

Robinson: "Last week of July. Coaches have told me just to workout as hard as possible and show up when they start practicing. I can't wait, I wish I could start right now."

How confident our you in breaking the two-deep?

Robinson: "I'm very confident in my abilities. I haven't gone up against the guys they have there right now yet, so it's difficult to say. I hope to play and contribute a lot to the team right away. I'm confident if I just work hard and do whatever they ask then the best will come because of it."

John H:

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a Defensive Back?

Robinson: "My speed. This may sound cocky, but I feel that I can cover anybody and get to any pass the quarterbacks throw. I'm real good at breaking on the ball. If I'm anywhere near the ball, then I'm going to get it or at least knock it down. I haven't gone up against anybody I couldn't shut down yet and I feel that won't change when I go D-1. I'm very fast and very quick. I can stay with anybody and get to any ball the quarterback throws my way."

What would you like to improve on the most this summer?

Robinson: (Laughing) "Oh man, you want me to say where I need to improve? Okay, fine, maybe timing my jump on balls when they're in the air when I'm in man coverage. I feel that I could probably improve here most. I'm confident, but that's what I think all corners work on most since that is the most difficult thing to do. It's tough practicing this by yourself, so I'm doing tennis ball drills right now where I bounce the balls off of the wall at a short distance and try and catch them. It's a basic drill for defensive backs and I do this drill a lot."

Aaron S:

What are you going to do specifically to impress Coach Mendenhall enough to win the starting job?

Robinson: "Just work as hard as I possibly can and do whatever he asks. What else can I do? If I do that and leave everything on the field, then he'll reward me. I know that about Coach Mendenhall and that's one of the main reasons why I signed with BYU."

Derek M:

What kind of receivers have given you the most trouble?

Robinson: (Laughing) "Come on, nobody. But seriously, I think a guy who can match my speed. A quick slot-type receiver that can move like I can. I don't really have trouble with big receivers. I've gone up against a lot of big guys and they don't give me much trouble."

Jon B:

Did you play against any future D-I players in Kansas and how did you do against them?

Robinson: "Yeah, I can't remember the guys name, but I went on a couple of recruiting trips with him. I'm sure he signed with some D-I school. He was really good. He was 6-5, 210 or around there and I covered him during one game. I did really well against him. He had only one catch against me. I was mad about that, but I think I shut him down pretty good."

Jim V:

Who was your principle contact in recruiting, Brian Mitchell or Bronco Mendenhall?

Robinson: "Coach Mitchell was the guy I talked with most. Almost all my conversations have been with Coach Mitchell."

What attracted you most about deciding to come to BYU?

Robinson: "BYU is a good program that has been down in recent years. I want to be part of the team that brings BYU back.

"I also think it's a perfect fit for me. I want to work hard and expect coaches to run me hard. Here in junior college and in high school you had a bunch of players that weren't willing to work as hard as they could have and it affects you and the team. I tried hard not to let it effect me and do my own thing, but it's hard at times when your teammates aren't giving it all they can.

"I know Coach Mendenhall demands a lot and works his players real hard and that's exactly what I want. I want to lift up teammates by working hard and in turn have them pick me up by working just as hard. Every coach preaches hard work, but I know Coach Mendenhall lives by it and demands it from his players."

C. Neilson:

JR, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival in Provo, especially considering the secondary is the biggest concern with this years team.

That being said, how difficult do you feel it will be to learn a new defensive scheme? Has Bronco allready given you a play book to study? Are you expecting to come in and start vs. BC?

Robinson: "They haven't given me any playbooks yet. Coach Mitchell is coming down in a couple of weeks and I think he'll give me a playbook then. I feel that the scheme they run is a bit complicated just looking at it, but I don't think I'll have any trouble learning it once I see it and play in it. I know it will be a challenge, but I love challenges. I'm very confident that I can learn the system.

"Of course I want to start against Boston College. Like I said, I'm just going to do whatever I can and hopefully things work out."

Also, do you have any nick-names?

Robinson: "All the guys call me J-five. That's just what I'm known by with my teammates and friends. Everybody calls me J-five."

Jim B:

What is your true 40 speed and please comment on your impression of the Honor Code...Welcome aboard, we are looking forward having you be part of Bronco's Defense!! You have made the best decision in your life playing for him!!!

Robinson: "I run a 4.38 forty.

"I live the honor code. It's not an issue for me at all. I don't drink, fool around or nothing. I work, go to school, practice and go home. It won't change when I'm in Provo. I have tremendous respect for the honor code. It's a way of life that will help me stay a good person."

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