Did BYU get the right coach?

Who should have been hired as the BYU Coach? Let's play 10 questions…

10. Did he play college ball?


9. Was he a leader on the team?

Yes. He was the team captain.

8. Does he have any players that are closely related to him on the BYU Basketball team?

Yes, a guard.

7. What kind of player was he?

He was known as a scrappy and tenacious player.

6. Did his college team ever advance very far in the NCAA Tournament?


5. Has he ever been a head coach?


4. What position did he play?


3. What was the name of his college team?

The Cougars

Got any Idea? Does he sound familiar?

2. Is it Danny Ainge?

Who?… One of the most tenacious, scrappy guards ever to play for the Cougars? The team captain that lead them deep into the NCAA tournament? The former head coach of the Phoenix Suns? The father of current BYU player Austin Ainge?…


1. Is he the new head coach of the BYU Cougars?

Yes. It's Dave Rose, former scrappy and tenacious guard and team captain for the University of Houston Cougars that advanced to the National Championship game. He was the head coach at Dixie College and led the team to a 167-57 record and 3 conference championships. Mike Rose is his nephew and is a guard on the BYU squad.

BYU is known for taking its time when looking for a new coach. The interviews, the discussions amongst the board, the interviews, the thorough search for qualified candidates, the interviews, the review of the program and it's needs to create a good match, the interviews, the background search, the private investigating, and the interviews.

Ok, maybe it's not THAT bad, but who could have expect it would only take two days to name a replacement for Steve Cleveland. Certainly Dave Rose didn't expect it; Certainly not from BYU. And certainly not after such a dismal season.

The decision really shows BYU's confidence in the young coach.

The bottom line is that BYU was probably lucky the basketball team had a sub par year this year. Many would admit that a number of programs had Rose on their future wish lists for head coach. Steve Cleveland himself said that Rose deserved a head coaching job and would be a good one.

Endorsements didn't stop there. Many current players voiced their opinions about Rose both before and after his appointment. At least publicly there were no negative outlooks about his hiring; in fact you could call player reaction almost ecstatic.

Others were outspoken about the hiring too, including Danny Ainge who said: "He's the right guy," and, "It's awesome."

Lee Cummard minced no words, and announced quickly after Cleveland's departure that he'll stay if Rose was hired.

Besides his experience with coaching, the team and the missionary program, Rose has shown his value as a recruiter. It's his thing, his niche, his forte. Had another coach been hired, there was no guarantee that Rose would have been kept, or would even want to stay.

His connections among the junior college teams have led to excellent recruiting ventures like Rafael Araujo, Mike Hall, Travis Hansen and others that will come and make a difference next year.

Personally, I think the most exciting thing about Dave Rose is his passion for both the game and winning. If there was ever a knock on Steve Cleveland it was his apparent lack of fire. He seemed to have a nonchalant attitude toward a blown call or neglectful play. Dave Rose is the kind of coach that will get in a referee's face, and show his passionate emotion to players and other coaches when he's disappointed in play. If nothing, it's great for the highlight reel.

When was the last time we saw a BYU basketball coach throw a clip board or have to be held back by an assistant or pop forehead blood vessels while yelling Mormon-esque profanities at an official?

"Did you SEE that flippin' moving screen?! What the Holy Scrud?!

I think we have some meltdowns to look forward to.

Rose just looks the part too. He has a bold, strong face, with Vulcan-like eyebrows and piercing eyes. He oozes confidence and fire. He expects the most and best out of players. He's also a return missionary, and loves the university. I don't think we could have cloned a better BYU coach.

BYU should be applauded for the smooth and timely transition. If this was Athletic Director Tom Holmoe's first "Big Task," he has to get A+.

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