Tagging Bronco

Over the years, companies have discovered the power, endurance and influence of tag lines or slogans. Tags like, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids" or, "Reach out and touch someone" are just a couple of the timeless tag lines that keep products in a consumers mind. In looking at Bronco's efforts so far this year, it's fun to "Tag" some of his good efforts.

Top Ten Bronco Moves (Tag's included)

1. Bronco decided that as BYU is an LDS institution it would be appropriate to draw upon LDS canon (Think outside the bun - Taco Bell) to try to inspire his players and fans (Be all you can be. - U.S. Army). It wasn't popular with everyone, but it got their full attention (Can you hear me now? - Verizon). Most all of the players uderstood his parabalic effort, and my personal opinion is that if it is accepted in the spirit in which it was shared, a player might not find anything more motivating. (This is your brain, this is your brain on scriptures… get the picture? - Partnership for a drug free America)

2. After the teams dismal scrimmage in front of hundreds of past BYU players and their families, Bronco decided he would motivate the team to never flop like that again (Friends don't let friends drive drunk. - U.S. Dept. of Transportation). It was reported that in front of the entire team, in a show of disgust, Bronco shredded the video if front of the entire team. Coach Anae called it a brilliant move (Imagination at Work. - General Electric).

3. Upon his appointment, Bronco had a heart to heart with each player to make clear what he was expected under his coaching (Quality is job one - Ford). Some were not quite ready to come on board with Bronco's vision. (Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! - Life Call). Bronco, weeded out the chaff, so to say, (Look Mom, no cavities! - Crest) and with Bronco believers on board, Coach Mendenhall is ready to take the team to the next level, hoping that personnel trouble is a thing of the past (Away go troubles down the drain - Roto-Rooter). His team is (Built for the road ahead - Ford).

4. Coach Mendenhall made one of his best moves, when he decided to start his reign with advice from a legend. He called LaVell Edwards (Like a Rock - Chevy). LaVell was there for the coach and BYU (Still the One - ABC). Bronco not only picked his brain about the direction he should go (A mind is a terrible thing to waste. - United Negro College Fund), he also earned a friend he could turn to for favors and advice.

5. Beside the renowned coach, he also brought back past players to the fold (When you care enough to send the very best - Hallmark). He's had some of these great players talk to the team (Make yourself heard - Ericsson) and invited them to be a part of the new improved BYU family (Reach out and touch someone.- AT&T). He's asked for their opinions, and addressed their concerns (You've got questions, we've got answers. - Radio Shack). He explained his vision to use them as tools to locate talent interested in BYU (Connecting people. - Nokia), and he made sure they understood they were always welcome back to be a part of the BYU family (We'll leave the light on for you! - Motel 6).

6. Bronco's first hire was Robert Anae (Fahrvergnügen! - Volkswagen). His calling from Bronco was to bring the BYU offense back (Fly the friendly skies.-United Airlines). Coach Anae is perfect for the job, because not only was he apart of the BYU offense in the 80's, but he helped successfully implement a simular offense at Texas Tech and turned it into one of the best offenses in the nation (Zoom Zoom Zoom - Mazda). Coach Anae is now on track to do the same thing at BYU (The top banana in the West - Hughes Air West).

7. Fridays are not just Fridays any more. Bronco has made them "Fun Fridays" (The toughest job you'll ever love - Peace Corps). The players may not call it fun, but it's the new cool thing to do (Do the Dew - Mountain Dew). One at a time, the players line up to run the coarse. After they finish they turn around to cheer on the next player on (Rip. Mix. Burn. - Apple Computer).

8. With the help and blessing of LaVell Edwards, Bronco worked painstakingly to bring back the Old BYU uniform (A diamond is forever. - DeBeers). On top of that, Bronco added the names back on to the uniforms and is bringing back the cougar stickers (We bring good things to life. - General Electric). The cherry on top was Bronco deciding to bring back the Y icon on the helmet. It's become the connecting symbol between the team now, and the BYU teams of the past (The real thing – Coke).

9. Eastern WHAT!? It used to be that BYU was thrilled to pick up a game against a powerhouse. It was most always on the road, but it was your chance. It was the Rocky vs. Apollo opportunity (You've Come a Long Way, Baby - Virginia Slims). It's a weak excuse, but it's our turn to give back. It also gives BYU another home game, and in a way, the equivelent of a practice or preseason game. This year Bronco insisted that the team get a "gimmie" (Have it your way – Burger King) (You deserve a break today! – McDonalds). It's not going to be the game of the week (Must see TV – NBC), and people may question the strength of schedule (Where's the Beef? – Wendy's). But BYU needs every advantage to come back to power.

10. Beep!… Beep!… Beep!… Coach Mendenhall set the bar high, requiring his players to achieve lofty scores in the famous San Fransico 49ers beep drill. (Keeps going and going and going – Energizer Batteries). So far the players have showed gallantly in the drill, which Bronco say's demonstrates the teams overall conditioning.

Just for your information, this started out as a Top ten and Bottom ten things Bronco has done since being named head coach. I tried desperately to get some legitimate bottom ten items to list, but I couldn't come close. In my book, that's good news.

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