Bronco Mendenhall has spent a great deal of time in talking to the media since taking over as the head coach of BYU's football program. Rob James sifted through the articles and sound bytes to create an extensive list of Bronco quotables.

In only a few months as head coach of the BYU football team, Bronco Mendenhall has instilled his will, personality, expectations and passion upon his team.

His players, colleagues and the media use adjectives like, "Intense," "Passionate," "Focused," "Fanatical," "Disciplined," and "Demanding." Most are obsessed with the fact that he wears shorts and a tee-shirt even during bitter cold conditions … OK, OK. We get it…He wear's shorts and a tee-shirt even in the cold.

He sports a LaVell type scowl during practices and games, but it's got so much attitude and passion mixed in with it.

Smiles appear rarely. His passion and intensity are worn on his sleeve. He shows a slight impatience with the media, a genuine appreciation for faithful fans, and a sincere love for his players that is veiled in his intense expectation and desire for them to succeed. He is fiercely loyal, and expects loyalty in return.

When a task, duty or undertaking has his attention – he cannot be civilly distracted. His focus is supreme.

His mannerisms will become famous fodder during color commentating and water cooler chatter amongst friends and foe.

His persona has slowly but surely begun to emerge. Surely we have a lot more to see and understand about the coach, but what we have so far is worth examining. So I perused articles near and far to come up with some of the existing Bronco-isms. Enjoy.


About the direction he wants for the program:

"I think we're the flag bearer of the institution.

"I intend to carry that flag up high, not on the ground.

"We're beginning to establish who can make the play and who is struggling to make plays.

"The overall player intensity, with proper execution will move us forward.

"This is about honoring tradition.

"I would like a different sense of urgency.

"I would like a different passion.

"I would like a different execution.

"I would like to be better than we are right now.

"The only thing that stood out today was that I want to be better.

"Side-by-side, the players have one expectation, one goal, and one mindset.

"The performance level of this team needs to be raised to where they are accountable to each other.

"They're playing with discipline.

"They're playing with effort.

"We need consistency of a sustainable competitive advantage over time to be able to execute, play and win football games in a consistent manner.

"I've been with our players in every off-season workout with a specific goal in mind - to make sure this team is unified."

Regarding the connection he wants to establish between the tradition of BYU teams of the past and his teams now:

"Three losing seasons -- to me that's in the past, There are about 30 years of tradition that we have to return to.

"This is about respect for and accountability to the coaches and players who have made BYU one of the national pillars of college football.

"Once you have a symbol that reflects greatness, it should not be changed.

"Consistency is key to a lasting tradition.

"By wearing this uniform, we're honoring the tradition of BYU Football.

"By keeping our current colors, we're embracing the future of BYU Football.

"Part of establishing tradition is to remain consistent.

"With every ounce of energy that I have and every bit of ability I've been blessed with, I'm driven to return it to that place.

"If I do my job right, this place will be one of the most dominant programs in the country, as it once was."

A look into his coaching philosophies:

"I refuse to entertain anything that does not represent the greatness of BYU Football.

"Our biggest strength right now is our collective mindset.

"I know how I'm going to have to coach them, and they know how they're going to be coached.

"I've learned a lot about what my role needs to be and how to coach them.

"I'm passionate about my faith and I'm passionate about principles of truth and virtue and character.

"As a new football coach, with so many things to manage, I find I'm in an uncharted territory.

"I simply go one day at a time, one task at a time, one project at a time in an attempt to build this program to the greatness that it once knew.

"I have a very clear idea of what the expectation is.

"I have a very clear idea of what the demand is and what BYU football is supposed to be.

"There has been a division between offense and defense [in the past].

"There has been a different standard and a different expectation, day-to-day, in terms of work ethic.

"The view is much better from the top.

"Each man on this team must make a personal choice and decide if they will embrace it or not.

"What I've done in the off-season is crossed over the offensive and defensive players into workout groups.

"Every Friday, we expose them to their will.

"Every Friday, there are unique challenges that basically ask them to decide if this is worth it or not.

"We're not divided into this segment against that segment. We assured that change before spring even started.

"When you step back and watch them play, you learn a lot more.

"I don't think it's possible to give great effort unless they're right inside.

"Now I need to learn the offensive players' names, know where they are and what they're doing."

Explaining why he met with his players immediately after being hired:

"It was in order — my first loyalty is with the players, not with the media.

"Rather than managing half the team, I will now coach the full team— without losing the emotion and the passion and the direction and attention to detail.

"We didn't play hard enough.

"I coach from the spirit, and it's been said that I ask a great effort from my players."

Bronco on the Honor Code, player character and wanting to play for BYU:

"A good kid at another program isn't necessarily the same as a young man who can follow the Honor Code here.

"They've been turned upside down, inside out, shaken sideways; yet they're passionate about playing for BYU.

"I like who [the recruits] are athletically, but more importantly, I like who they are as people.

"Our coaches looked for players of the highest character with great athleticism and desire.

"I like what [the recruits] represent and I like how much they want to play here.

"We looked for players who love to play the game and are passionate about BYU.

"As these young men sat in my office, it wasn't me recruiting them, It was just the opposite, it was them recruiting me.

"[The recruit] know what this place is about. They've been told in advance and they still want to come and they want to represent this place.

(Speaking to BYU fans and Alumni) "I will not, as a steward over this program, have a standard of letting young men be part of what you represent, unless I think they're going to do it right."

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