St. Bonaventure Saints

BYU is looking at two quality football players from St. Bonaventure High School, a Catholic high school established in 1963 that is owned by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Both prospects handicap the race for their services.

BYU coaches are combing the California southlands in search of talented football recruits. Among the fruit of their efforts are two Ventura, California prospects. Kyle Maddux, a 6'0", 193 pound linebacker with a 345 bench and a 415 squat who had recently finished 2nd in the SPARQ test with a 82.11 rating at the Long Beach NIKE Camp and is getting plenty of early attention from colleges nation wide. Doug Chavez is a 5'10, 170 pound defensive back speedster.

"I've gotten a lot of interest and contact letters and invites to camps from a number of schools," said Maddux. "I've heard from Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, BYU, Sacramento State, UC Davis, Penn State, U of U, Washington State, Northern Arizona, Mississippi State, Boston College, Arizona State, Michigan State, Fresno State, Army, Yale and Navy.

"I've got good genes. Both of my parents ran track at BYU. My dad ran the decathlon and he says to keep your focus on keeping your options open, so I'm keeping my options open and go the best school for me. BYU is a great school and everything and I'd like to trip up there but I'm not sure where I want to go yet. There is a MSL combine I think on the 18th of June at the U of U and I think I'll go up there for that one. I've been around BYU before. I went to their camp when I was in the 6th grade. I also have a brother who goes to BYU right now but is currently on a mission."

Despite keeping his options open, Maddux does have a top four and BYU was listed first.

"BYU, UofU, UCLA and probably Utah State would be my top four," said Maddux. "At school my head coach had been talking to one of BYU's head recruiting coaches. They want me to keep working hard and he will see me down at the combines and that he'll be looking for me and stuff."

Wanting to study engineering in college, Maddux is looking for a university that has a good program, which is why he likes the three Utah schools.

"I've always grown up not really being a Yewt fan, but I've visited the campus and talked to some of the people from the engineering department because that's what I'm interested in," said Maddux. "It seems like a really good school and stuff, so I like it. BYU has a really good engineering program too and so does Utah State but I haven't heard anything from them, but I like them too."

A fellow LDS teammate and defensive player who also has been receiving plenty of early attention, is 5'10, 170 pound, All-Channel League defensive back prospect Doug Chavez.

"There's another LDS kid who goes to our school and he's a tremendous athlete," said Maddux. "His name is Doug Chavez and he's real interested in BYU too. He's a safety and even though he's a shorter guy the thing that impresses me the most is how strong he is. I think he does 20 reps and his max is 285. His work ethic is really good too. He and I are always working out together."

Chavez confirms that he takes working out in the weight room and on the field very seriously.

"I've done reps of 185 nineteen times and my max is 275," said Chavez. "My squat is 350 and power clean is 250. I'm quick, fast and I'm aggressive. I love football and I take it seriously. I work out hard and go to the gym twice at day. Once in the morning with the team and once and I've set my goals and made my schedule. Playing football is something I'm really looking forward to I run hurdles in track and run the 400x, 200x and 100x meters in track."

So what does Chavez think about his fellow teammate Kyle Maddux abilities as a linebacker?

"I think he's great," Chavez said. "He always surprises me on how he can move around so quickly. You look at him and you think he's just a strong guy and most guys his size you wouldn't think he's as versatile as he is. He really moves around and he's a great hurdler and really flexible. He just gets to places fast and his shuttle is really good. He got, at the last combine, a 4.1 on his shuttle. I think his fastest forty time is a 4.6."

Last season, Chavez posted some very impressive numbers as a secondary specialist.

"I play defensive back at cornerback and safety," he said. "I'm getting reps on offense this year at running back and at receiver but primarily at free safety. I have played strong safety as well and just about every position there is growing up except O-line.

"Last season I had 4 interceptions and one I took back for 50 yards. I got a couple fumble recoveries and I made 107 tackles. I had the second most on our team and I've broken up a lot of passes.

"I'm really versatile and like to play all the positions, but at free safety I really like coming across and making cracks and intercepting the ball. I have a good eye for the field and watching all directions. I love to just play the field and I feel like I own it when I'm back there. I love playing the ball and cracking someone."

"Cracking" someone is what Chavez loves to do and does very well. Something an opposing wide receiver learned all to well after catching a pass in his territory.

"I sent a kid to the hospital," Chavez said. "I knocked his helmet off and broke his jaw and gave him a concussion. It was pretty awesome."

Due to his on-field and classroom performances, defensive back Doug Chavez has received plenty of early attention, much of which has come by way of Ivy League colleges.

"I got a 3.8 GPA last quarter," said Chavez. "I've taken the ACT but haven't gotten the results back yet.

"I've been getting letters from a lot of the Ivy League schools. I got letters from Trinity, Columbia, Harvard, Yale and I've been getting some from Washington. I also got some from Fresno State, Eastern Utah College and one today from Davidson College. I've gotten some from BYU also."

Not only are Chavez and Maddux LDS teammates on the field, but they are also workout partners off it, and both work out together in an effort to increase their strength, stamina and vertical jumping abilities in preparation for future football combines and next season.

"His dad built a machine to help us increase our vertical," said Maddux of Chavez's father. "What it does is it straps you down to the ground with these big rubber bands, and what you do is you jump as high as you can for 30 seconds. You don't get very high off the ground but it really helps you with your vertical."

Chavez echoed Maddux's comments. "I'm really excited for the combines and I'm in training right now," he said. "Me and my dad made a vertical machine with bungies to help me with my vertical. My vertical is around 30-31 inches, so it's helping me out with that and I also run stairs. I think Kyle (Maddux) has a vertical of around 29 inches or something like that."

Although fellow teammate and good friend Kyle Maddux lists BYU as one of his top four favorites, Chavez makes it very clear which college he would like to play for if offered a full ride scholarship.

"I've gotten three letters from [BYU] so far, a questionnaire and one for their summer camp," said Chavez. "I'm going to try really hard. I really want to come to that. BYU would be my top choice because ever since I was a little kid I've always had strong testimony of my faith and BYU is my church school. It's the school I've always wanted to go to, and it's a good environment. I would look up to it as a spiritual adventure and also being able to play football there would be great. It's always been my dream of how I would start out my life."

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