Fan Speak with Terrance Hooks

Terrance Hooks recently answered questions submitted by TBS subscribers. The BYU linebacker signee talked about his projected position, his playing style, his decision to sign with BYU and more.

C. Neilson asks:

Are the coaches telling you that you will start out playing safety or linebacker?

Terrance Hooks: "Linebacker. They definitely want me as a linebacker."

Are you considering red-shirting this year?

Hooks: "I don't think many players come in with the attitude that they want to red-shirt their first year. I want to play. I'm just going to play hard and give it my all and if red-shirting is my best option, then I'll do it. But I definitely want to play right away."

Do you have a nickname?

Hooks: "Yeah, they call me ‘T-Hooks' and "T-Rock"

John S. asks:

1.How do you feel about the honor code and being at a religious school?

Hooks: "I feel really good about BYU being a religious school. I come from a good Christian family and we're all real religious. BYU being a religious school is a positive as far as I'm concerned."

2. Have you had a chance to watch film on BYU's defense? What were your impressions? How do you see yourself fitting in the system?

Hooks: "I haven't seen any film yet to be honest with you. I'll just have to see where I fit in when I first go up there and practice. I know that they run a very aggressive defensive scheme and I'll probably play outside linebacker."

Jim V. from American Fork, Utah asks:

1-Which coach was your prime contact?

Hooks: "Almost all of my contact was with Coach Tidwell which is nice because he's the linebackers coach."

2-Did you have any other scholarship offers?

Hooks: "Northern Arizona offered me a scholarship along with BYU."

3-You had an uncle who played for ASU. Did he try to talk you into walking-on at ASU? What other advice did he have for you?

Hooks: "Not at all. He was the one who encouraged me most to go to BYU. He was very supportive of me going to BYU and told me that it was my best opportunity. He didn't try and get me to ASU one bit. I'm glad I had his advice and I'm going to be working out hard with him this summer."

4-What injuries did you have your senior year that kept you out of 2 games?

Hooks: "I had an AC sprain in my shoulder and an incomplete fracture in my right ankle. The shoulder is still bothering me some when I do quick movements with it. Hopefully it gets better."

5-What impressed you most about your visit to BYU?

Hooks: "The people were just so friendly. Everybody was nice. I just seemed to fit in there. I felt very comfortable during my visit. My official host was Aaron Wagner and I also hung out with guys like Kayle Buchanan and Cameron Jensen. They were all great and I can't wait to get up there and play with and learn from them.

"I also loved the facilities. They were first-rate all the way. I liked Coach Mendenhall's philosophy and attitude. It just seems to fit me well."

Peter M. from Las Vegas, Nevada asks:

Describe your style of play for us? Is there a player after whom you try to pattern your play?

Hooks: "I don't know if I pattern my play after any specific player. I'm sort of a Marcus Allen-type running back, but I'll be playing linebacker most likely at BYU. I'm just a guy that doesn't take plays off. If you take plays off, then that's when your opponent gets you. If you slack off that's when you're most likely to get hurt physically and most likely to get beaten on the field. I don't take plays off.

"I'm also a very positive player. I work hard not to get down on myself no matter what is happening on the field. You just can't get down on yourself or you bring yourself and your teammates down and that can't happen. I don't let things get to me and I don't take plays off. I'm full speed all the way, every down and every second. That's the only way I know how to play."

Jon B. from Dumfries, Virginia asks:

Why did you decide on BYU? Was it an easy decision?

Hooks: "It was simply the best opportunity for me out there. It really was an easy decision for me. It just felt right with the opportunities, the type of school it is and the type of program. I'm very excited to get going."

Weldon D. from Iowa City, Iowa asks:

Which position would you rather play--RB, LB, or S?

Hooks: "I love to run the rock. I'm fine playing linebacker and that's where I'll play at BYU, but man, I love running the football. I love hitting and all on defense, so I'm more than fine playing linebacker. If that's where they feel I'll be best at, then that's where I'll play."

Do you still weigh 205? If so, do you plan to stay at 205, or beef up to play LB?

Hooks: "I weigh about 212 right now. I'm working out very hard and building my muscle mass. I'm also working hard on my overall speed. I'm running track and I recently ran an 11.18 in the 100 meters. I have legitimate 4.48 speed, but I want to get even faster."

Rex M. asks:

When you look at Division I players that you want to be like, what are your strong points?

Hooks: "I just want to be consistent. I want to be the guy who leads by example. I want to be someone who my teammates can know won't let them down. Just mentally sound. I feel that's my best attribute and I'm going to continue to do that."

What stuff are you working on?

Hooks: "Mostly my speed. I feel I'm very fast for a linebacker and that's why BYU wanted me. Getting faster can only help me. I'm doing all sorts of exercises to get faster. Doing a lot of leg lifts and stuff like that. Running track is helping me a lot as well. I also like to jump rope. I feel that helps me a lot with my speed and with my agility."

What do you think are the biggest differences between high school and Division I players?

Hooks: "Speed and size. They also put forth a lot more effort studying the opponent they play."

In high school, who was the best offense player you faced, and what was it like to battle against the best?

Hooks: "Zach Miller, no doubt about it. He played with ASU this past year and was the Pac-10 freshman of the year and that didn't surprise me one bit.

"I had to block him when we punted it and it took all that I had to even get a hand on him. I also shadowed him on defense and it took everything I had. He was definitely the best player I played against in high school. He was a great test for me. I feel I did all right, but man, he was tough."

Craig G. from Delta, Utah asks:

What do you think will be the hardest part of playing D-I football, physical play, mental-- learning assignments, school work, or personal time spent away from school?

Hooks: "I don't really know at this point. I'm just going to have to go up there and find out. I'm confident that if I just work hard, things will fall into place.

"I don't know anybody up there right now, so that will be the biggest struggle at first. I'm a real friendly guy and I've always made friends fast, so I think I'll do alright. I just want to find friends and hang out with the right people while I'm there because I don't know anybody up there right now."

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