JC Cornerback Getting Interest

Since BYU's defense calls for five defensive backs on every down, there will always be a need to recruit capable secondary defenders. Cougar coaches are looking at an athlete from the College of the Canyons to help fill the that need.

Michael Carr, a transfer from Dixie College, started as a freshman cornerback for the College of the Canyons football team, where he held his own defending JC receivers following a two year layoff serving as a full time LDS missionary.

"Last season I was third on the team in tackles," said Carr. "I had two postseason interceptions. One I ran back for 30 yards and the other I ran back for a touchdown. That was an exciting game against Grossmont."

Now a year away and being able to shake the rust off the mission legs, Carr has improved on his speed and strength.

"I ran a 4.06 agility [Shuttle] and that was a couple of weeks ago and we're going to run it again soon. I like to say I'm 6'0, but I'm close. I'm around 5'11 ½ and the last time I weighed myself I was 188 pounds.

"Just the other day I put up 315 [on bench] and almost did it twice. I did it once on my own and almost got it a second time. My max would be around 325. My squat I did 385. They tested my vertical and I tested at 29". I power cleaned at 275."

Carr, who was recruited by Coach Lamb out of high school, is once again being looked at by BYU coaches as a cornerback prospect. Carr drove up to Provo, Utah with his family to see the campus and attended a spring scrimmage that was held at Lavell Edwards Stadium prior to General Conference weekend.

"BYU has sent me a few letters," Carr said. "I went up to BYU during our spring break and I got to speak with coach Lamb. He showed us around the new student athlete center, so we were able to see the new weight room and the new locker room and everything. The new facilities are great and the weight room is amazing. I was able to go to a scrimmage and everything. I didn't get to go see the indoor practice facility so I was kind of bummed about that. They had the practice outside so I didn't get to go inside and see it."

So what did he think of the scrimmage held within the stadium?

"They looked pretty good and I was watching a few of our Alumni from our college play; Nick Longshore and Jason Beck," said Carr. "Right now I'm excited to watch and see how they do this season with Bronco Mendenhall as the new head coach. I'm really excited to watch and see how he does with the players and stuff. I'm really excited about him and want to see how they do. BYU is definitely a school I'm looking at and I'm excited to see how they do."

Along with BYU, Carr is getting letters from other colleges who are interested in seeing how he performs his final year of JC football.

"I've been getting some letters from other colleges as well which is fun," said Carr. "I've been getting a few letters from Oregon State, Nevada, Boise State and Washington. I think the other schools that are really serious about me are Boise State and the University of Utah. Those are the other schools that I've talked a lot with as well.

"When I talked to my coaches who've talked to Barry Lamb, he said BYU was very excited. So I'm interested to see how they recruit me, if they come out to see me and stuff like that."

Another JC cornerback recruit that BYU might be interested in, is Carr's teammate B.T Walker, a 5'10", 175-pound cornerback with reported 4.4 forty speed.

"From what I've seen he's really good," said Carr of Walker. "He's really quick and very talented. He just seems like he's going to be a really good part of the team."

As a freshman in high school, Walker led his team in pass breakups, was 5th on his team in unassisted tackles and was tied with 3 interceptions prior to attending Don Bosco Prep School in Hackensack, New Jersey. He is also a member of the Young Athletes for Christ in Southern California.

"He's asked me about the church," Carr said. "We've had a few conversations about real basic stuff about the church. From what I remember, one of his close family members is a member of the church, but he never told me if he was or not."

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