Stanley Havili Recounts Visit to BYU

Stanley Havili, Utah's projected pre-season top running back, recently met with TBS to discuss his recent "Junior Day" visit to BYU and his favorite colleges.

As a junior, Havili dismantled opposing defenses, rushing for 1,850 yards and 20 touchdowns on 176 carries. Because of his on field accomplishments, BYU was the first school to offer the talented running back a full-ride scholarship.

What did Stanley think of BYU? "It was awesome down there," said Havili. "The facilities are outstanding."

On his visit, Havili had a chance to speak with BYU coaches—Coach Bronco Mendenhall and Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae.

"I had a great talk with Coach Mendenhall," Havili said. "I like him because he's up front and plus he very spiritual, and you don't get to meet too many spiritual coaches like him. He's a flag bearer. We also talked about when you're at BYU, you're playing with guys that have the same standards and grew up in the church."

"Coach Anae told me ‘you're kind of the same size as Fahu when we were recruiting him' but I was like "Yeah, but I have hair," chuckled Havili.

"I know Coach Anae from Texas Tech from my brother, so it was nothing new and we just talked. Yeah it was good, I was impressed. It's a lot different than Utah."

Havili now has six full-ride scholarship offers from D-1 colleges around the country.

"I've got six offers," said Havili. "I got one from BYU obviously and the team up north (Utah), Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Arizona and Arizona State," Havili said.

Out of the current six offers, Havili wanted to set the record straight on his top five but also stated his top college choices could change in time.

"I want you to put down my true top five. This is my real top five and it goes Arizona State number one. Number two is Nebraska, then Arizona, then BYU. Then I would have to say Iowa," Havili said.

Even though Iowa hasn't offered him a scholarship, Havili has listed Iowa as a top five choice primarily because of a close cousin in 6-4, 240 pound Anthony Moeaki. The LDS tight end committed to play for Iowa in February of this year.

Despite the early attention, one thing is absolutely clear. Havili will serve a two- year full time LDS mission prior to any college football career.

"You know I am," exclaimed Havili. "I talked to Dave Tafuna and he and I had a good talk about me going on my mission. He told me it was the best thing he's ever done. I talked to one of my coaches and he's an ex-Yewt and was the star cornerback up there. He was the other cornerback when Andre Dyson played. He played the other side and he said it was the worst decision he ever made by not going on his mission."

Havili gave a warning. "I told my coaches to tell the coaches that I'm going on a mission if they ask, and if they mind to tell them not to recruit me because if they don't want me to serve my mission, I don't want them." has received Havili's highlight footage which will be included on part 2 of the TBS recruiting DVD.

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