BYU Nabs Its Second Recruit

Local Brighton Bengal, Mike Hague, will be losing his stripes as he commits to play football for the Cougars. The 6-0, 210 RB/S prospect was the second recruit to verbally commit to BYU.

Mike Hague became BYU's second commitment this past weekend. He joined his childhood friend and now high school rival, Braden Hansen, as the first players who will sign a letter of intent with BYU next February.

"My family prayed about it," Hague said. "It just made total sense to me to commit to BYU right away. It's a program that has everything I want and will help me meet my goals. I know that more offers may have come in had I waited, but why wait? BYU has everything I'm looking for right now."

Last weekend, Hague and his father attended BYU's junior day. They toured the facilities and listened to the coaches speak. Both father and son were impressed by both the facilities and coaches, specifically Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"Coach Mendenhall is just very direct and gets you very excited," Hague said. "He's just the type of coach you want to play for. He's tough and he demands a lot, but that's exactly what I want out of a coach. I just think it's a perfect situation for me."

Hague's father agreed with his son's assessment. "Just listening to Coach Mendenhall speak and learning about his program," his father said, "It just gives you confidence that he's doing what needs to be done to get BYU back to where they once were."

Hague is a 6-0, 210 running back/safety prospect from nearby Brighton High School in Sandy, Utah. Brighton's football rival is Alta High School. Ironically, it is also the school Braden Hansen (the first player to give a verbal commitment to BYU) attends. Hague is very familiar with Hansen and is excited to be teammates with him at BYU.

"I've known Braden since we were like eight," Hague said. "He's a great guy. We hang out and do stuff together, but when we play against each other we're the fiercest of rivals."

Hague committed to BYU and gave them an earnest look this early in the recruiting period in large part due to Hansen's recommendations. "I talked to Braden and he told me he committed. I asked him why he did so early and he just told me to go down there and that I'd understand. He just said that if I went down there and saw how Coach Mendenhall does things that I'd want to go down there as well."

So down to BYU's junior day Hague went. He received his offer through an email this past Thursday. He called BYU's football office the next day to tell them of his intentions. Quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman answered. "I just called him up," Hague said. "He congratulated me on my decision and that was about it. He's informed Coach Mendenhall of course and I'm sure I'll be talking with him here soon."

Hague had been receiving a lot of attention with around 30-35 schools sending him letters. Such schools as Oregon, Notre Dame, Illinois and Boise State were among those showing interest in him. Utah also floated the Hague family a call the day after he committed to the Cougars.

Hague will be attending BYU's football camp this coming summer and will be working hard to improve his 4.57 forty time, as well as his overall strength. Currently, he squats 515. "I just want to get faster." Hague said. "I feel I'm fast right now, but it's something I want to work hard on this summer."

Hague will be playing both sides of the ball for Brighton this coming season. He has not made a decision about what position he'll play at BYU. "I love to run the football and I'll probably be playing more offense than defense this coming year, but I also love to hit guys."

Hague was also excited about the prospects of playing in Mendenhall's safety-friendly 3-3-5 scheme. "Oh yeah, it would be great playing safety there. I love how he uses his safeties, how they blitz so much. That's how I want to play."

He also feels that Coach Mendenhall fits the mold of the type of coach he wants to play for. "He's just all business," Hague said. "He's very straight-forward and doesn't mess around. He tells you exactly what he thinks and that's it. That's the type of coach you respect and want to play for. I can't wait to get down there and get going."

Hague has definite mission plans and will likely play a year before leaving on his LDS mission. He said it was a dream come true to play for a school like BYU. He said that with Coach Mendenhall BYU is on the rise and the school and program will help with his religious goals as well.

"We're just very happy for him," his father said. "He's in a great situation. Mike will be a great success because he has a lot of heart. He plays with a lot of heart and he knows how to work. Him playing for Coach Mendenhall is a perfect match I feel."

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