Recruit Update - JAMES LARK

Pine View QB James Lark is getting set to attend an Elite 11 tryout and NIKE Camp in the same weekend. TBS caught up with him to see what his goals are for the up-coming season.

One of the top quarterbacks in Utah is going to attend a few football camps next weekend. One is an Elite11 qualifying camp and the other is a NIKE Camp. Both are being held in Michigan.

As a junior, James Lark set the Utah high school record for touchdown passes, when he threw for 41 touchdowns. He only threw 5 interceptions while raking up over 4,000 yards passing along the way. Pretty amazing numbers by any standard, but those simply aren't good enough for the Pine View High School star.

"I'm going to try and beat them all," Lark said. "I'm going to try and out do them all this next year. I want to beat the record again and I want to get to at least to 45. The previous record was 38 and I want to be the first one to get to the 50's. I want to pass for 50 (touchdowns). I want to hit over 4,000 yards again."

In the off-season, Lark has been working out in the mornings with fellow teammates and assistant coaches to help improve his talents and to help reach his impressive goal of 50 touchdowns in a single season.

"We're not allowed to do stuff with our coaches right now, so we just do stuff on our own. We've been doing a lot of 7-on-7's. In the mornings, before school, I work on stuff with my quarterback coach. It's just basic footwork and my mechanics and all that stuff."

Currently, Lark has four scholarship offers. On the first day college coaches could call recruits, Arizona State's quarterback coach dialed up the Lark house hold for a recruiting chat.

"Recruiting is good," Lark said. "Arizona State just called me today. They called and talked to me about their program a little bit and how they run things. I asked them about their offense and stuff like that. My coach sent (highlight footage to ASU) a while back and they just called my school and offered me and then sent me the letter."

"I've got a few (offers)," Lark said. "Utah just offered me about a week ago and Arizona State and Oregon did about two months ago."

With the invite to tryout for the Elite11 Camp (the camp is held annually for the top 11 high school quarterbacks in the nation) in Michigan, it's very conceivable that Lark's stock will rise once coaches in the East are able to view first hand what many have already seen on the Total Blue Sports recruiting DVD.

"I'm trying out for that (Elite 11) this weekend in Michigan. I'm just going down there on Friday for the tryout, and then I'm going to the NIKE Camp on Saturday. It's at the same place," Lark said.

Also on the schedule for this summer is BYU's Summer Camp. Lark will be in attendance with a few of his fellow teammates whom BYU is also looking at.

"I think I'm coming to the second one. I'm trying to get some of my teammates looked at so I'll come with them. BYU's been looking a little bit at two of my other teammates – our running back and our free safety; more for our free safety than our running back, though. His name is Carter Mees. His dad was an All-WAC punter for BYU back in the 80s sometime. He hasn't gotten any offers but has got some letters from BYU," Lark concluded.

Total Blue Sports will follow up with Lark after his Elite 11 tryout and NIKE Camp performances for a full report.

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