Cougar Comments: Cameron Jensen

In part three of the Cougar Comments series, BYU linebacker Cameron Jensen gives his take on the team after spring practice. He talks about who he would rather not face on offense, and he explains what happened when he got dropped by a quarterback in the Blue-White game.

Cameron Jensen has firmly established himself as one of the leaders on the BYU football team. With absolute effort and a proven willingness to play through pain, the Cougars' middle linebacker has earned the respect of his teammates and coaching staff.

Jensen was key to a dominating performance by the defense this in the Blue-White game. There is one play in particular from the game that Jensen will certainly remember for better or for worse.

Midway though the game, Jensen stepped in front of John Beck pass to record the only interception of Beck. That was the highlight of the play for Jensen. Things took a turn for the worse during the ensuing interception return as Beck made a nice open field tackle on Jensen, planting the 230-pound defender on his back.

"I've been hearing a lot about that," said Jensen of Beck's takedown. "He took me low. I ran right at him, you know a chance at to hit the quarterback, but he brought me down. He got me. I'll hear it all spring. If Beck says anything, though, I'll just say I picked him off, so I won't hear much from him."

Other than the ribbing he took for getting tackled by the quarterback, Jensen was pleased with the overall result of the spring game and spring practice in general.

"It went well," Jensen said. "It is not the offense we are used to seeing but they are putting in a new offense. It is definitely not where we want to be come fall. We have a long off season and we need to get better, but it was good. We got a lot of work done."

When asked about his personal performance under Coach Bronco Mendenhall's system, Jensen was unassumingly positive.

"I did alright," Jensen said. "I love [Mendenhall's system]. I love that atmosphere of accountability, discipline, and effort. I love it, I wouldn't have it any other way."

Jensen battled a painful injury to his toe this spring. He gave a humorous synopsis of his injury.

"It's on there," said the Bountiful High School graduate. "It's all swollen up, but it's on there!"

Jensen has been going up against the first team offense all spring so he has had a chance to get a feel for how the whole unit and individual players are performing. Total Blue Sports asked Jensen which of the offensive players he least liked to tackle. His answer should not be a surprise to Cougar fans.

"I hate to go up against Moa, but he's usually blocking me," said Jensen. "Or, Fahu's tough. Curtis is quickest – a combination of those."

So what lies ahead for the Ricks College transfer and his Cougar teammates?

"A lot of hard work," Jensen indicated. "A lot of hard work and anticipation. We will get back in the weight room and get back running. A lot of Coach Omer."

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