Cougs Look North for RB/DB Prospect

In the gem state, BYU may have locked onto a diamond in the rough. A speedy running back has racked up some pretty gaudy numbers while also excelling on the track for Idaho's Twin Falls High School.

Brody Miller, an LDS athlete who was recognized as one of the top players in the state of Idaho, ran all over opposing defenses and carrying the ball 305 times for 2,200 yards and 32 touchdowns.

"I'm 5'9 and weigh 165 pounds," Miller said. "I run about a 4.4 in the forty and for track in the 100 I ran a 10.74 as my personal best. I just got that a few weeks ago actually. In the 200 I was 22.13 and my 400 is 50 flat.

"I go to Gold's Gym and lift and I also lift at school at Body Development. I bench 285 and I squat 420."

With his speed and quickness, could Miller possibly be the next Cade Hulbert and make the switch to cornerback? To Millers advantage, Twin Falls coaches are currently thinking about placing Miller in the defensive secondary to double as a cornerback due to attrition in the secondary.

"I just play running back last year but we lost a lot of seniors this year, so they might put me on defense as a defensive back or a cornerback," said Miller.

Next year's experience at corner back could bode well for Miller, given the fact that BYU runs a 5 defensive back set, which creates a high demand for speedy secondary players.

"I've been receiving quite a few letters saying they're going to start recruiting me and that this is the recruiting process," said Miller. "I've been hearing from ASU, BYU, Boise State and I've heard a little bit from the Texas Longhorns. I've heard from Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Rice College, Washington State, the Oregon Ducks and Notre Dame, which is kind of weird because they're BYU's rival. I've heard from Columbia in New York and a couple of 2A schools that don't come off the top of my head.

"I was All-Idaho 5-A Player of the Year, I was First Team All-Idaho for running back and for our district I was Offensive Player of the Year and Player of the Year. I was Gatorade's football camp MVP. I've been Player of the Game 5 times and was named Player of the Week 3 times."

BYU coaches have recently acquired Miller's high school transcripts to take a look at his current GPA situation.

"My GPA is 3.25 right now," Miller said.

BYU added a Junior Day activity this year, where high school juniors can come down on campus for a college tour. Miller and his family drove down from Twin Falls to Provo and joined a group of notable BYU recruits such as Sione Fua, Ryan Freeman, Mike Hague and Stanley Havili among others in participation.

"I was kind of impressed," Miller said. "I would like to go there you know. If they gave me an offer, yeah that would really make my day. BYU is kind of a Mormon boys dream. To play for the Cougars you know. They're the team I've grown up watching along with my family."

Miller was quite impressed with the new facilities at BYU. "I kind of thought the NIKE thing was just insane. They get new shoes every game because NIKE sponsors them and they're locker room is just crazy. It's the same as the Seattle [Seahawks] locker room and it's probably one of the best around even though I haven't seen many.

"[The coaches] said, ‘We're really interested in you and we'll keep in touch.' They said they want me to come down to their camp so they can look at me and stuff like that."

Miller plans on meeting the coaches' request and will head down to Provo this summer for camp to showcase his abilities on the football field.

Miller likes the idea of staying close to home where his family could attend his games and his top three reflect that.

"My top three would be BYU, BSU and UofU," Miller said. "The UofU has a good football team too and it's close. BSU because when I went there the past couple of years their program has kind of gone off the hook it looks like. They seem like a good team to play for. They've been in the championship 5 times in the last 5 years. For BYU, because they're close too and my family can come watch me play there. Also because it's a Mormon school and they have a good program. Boise State would be nice because they're close and my parents could come and watch just like at BYU."

Miller plans on serving a full time LDS mission.

"I plan on going for a semester or a year of college first to just get my foot in the door, and then I plan on going on a mission for two years and then come back and finish up," Miller concluded.

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