BYU Get First Round Win at Nationals

As the spring season is in full gear, so are some of the best athletes as they gather in what has already been and should continue to be one of the best club championships ever. Yes the pads are strapped on and the echo of clashing helmets signal the arrival of what Sports Illustrated recently dubbed the "Next Big Thing" in sports.

Yes, the USL-MDIA national championships have arrived. For the uninitiated, we are talking Lacrosse. A game whose tradition spans over half a millennium back to a day when the Iroquois nation reigned the better part of the North-eastern United States, and requires skills found in multi-sport athletes who play football, basketball and hockey.

Lacrosse is the most rapidly growing sport in the nation. It has spread from its native American roots to becoming a bonafide attraction for weekend fans. Here in Mountain West country believe it or not are some of the top if not the top club teams in the nation. Colorado State and Brigham Young are perennials in the MDIA championships, and if it were not for eligibility issues plaguing CSU, they would have again joined BYU for a shot at the title. As it turned out, Utah was next on the list of bubble teams to participate in the event one of the top 16 was not able to. It seems like Utah and BYU are showing up in a lot of club sport finals this year.

BYU entered this week's championships seeded number one. Here is a how the bracket was set up

Division A First Round – Tuesday May 10

No. 1 BYU vs. No. 16 Texas Tech
No. 2 UC-Santa Barbara vs. No. 15 Minnesota
No. 3 Michigan vs. No. 14 Northeastern
No. 4 Sonoma State vs. No. 13 Utah
No. 5 Colorado vs. No. 12 Lindenwood
No. 6 Oregon vs. No. 11 Arizona
No. 7 Virginia Tech vs. No. 10 Oakland
No. 8 UC-San Diego vs. No. 9 Florida State

Division B First Round - Thursday, May 12

No. 1 San Diego vs. No. 8 Southwestern No. 2 Utah Valley State vs. No. 7 Calvin No. 3 Davidson vs. No. 6 Harding No. 4 Montana vs. No. 5 St. John's (Minn.)

BYU got off to a great start yesterday by controlling the flow of the game in the first quarter. They owned the face offs and were able to put 4 on the board. Things seemed to slow down in the second as Texas Tech began to chip away at the Cougar lead. BYU defense took a step down as subs started coming in rather early and Cougars began to relax a bit and at the end of two the score was 7-4. Coach Lamb got after his players at the half, but it took a Red Raider score when a shot deflected off of Cougar goalie Powers at the start of the 3rd to wake up the team. BYU proceeded to score 5 unanswered goals. Ten BYU players scored during the game, and the final score was BYU 15 Texas Tech 6

Today's game pits BYU against 9th seeded Florida State who enjoyed a mild upset against 8th seeded UC San Diego 13-8.

Red Raider Goalie Kurzweil who was peppered all day by shots from Cougar players commented on how physical and aggressive BYU was.

"BYU was the best shooting team I've faced all year long," Kurzweil said. "Their middies and attack weren't content to take any outside shots. They kept working for a closer look. It was frustrating as a goalie because I can't make too many saves when they are shooting a point blank range."

BYU 15 vs. Texas Tech 6
UC-Santa Barbara 11 vs. Minnesota 3
Michigan 13 vs. Northeastern 6
Sonoma State 15 vs. Utah 3
Colorado 11 vs. Lindenwood 9
Oregon 10 vs. Arizona 6
Virginia Tech 11 vs. Oakland 9
UC-San Diego 8 vs. Florida State 13

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