Cougar Comments: Joe Griffin

TBS is back with part four in the Cougar Comments series. This time one of BYU's big receiving targets sounds off on his observations from spring ball and his expectations for summer and fall.

Joe Griffin is thrilled to finally be healthy and practicing with his Cougar teammates. Spring practice marked the first time that Griffin has been injury free since transferring from California's Grossmont Junior College.

"It feels great man," said the 6'3" 210-pound receiver. "It is so fun to come out here and just play football again. I love to do it. It is exciting." Griffin began spring practice at the tight end position but has since moved to the Z receiver position.

"I shifted roles," said Griffin. "They had me at inside Y at the beginning of the year. We made some adjustments a couple guys went down and so I felt like I could play both so I went out there and it is working out really well."

Griffin's move to one of the outside receiver position plays to his strengths.

"It is more physical," he said. "I have the ability to leap and jump up and catch balls. I will be able to utilize that when I'm going against smaller DB's."

When asked about the defensive backs he went up against in spring, Griffin gave a positive appraisal.

"They are really good," said Griffin. "They are fast. A lot of them can be physical so that's a good thing. Kayle Buchanan is the most physical. Nate Soleberg gives me a tough time because of his speed and experience."

Griffin is one of the few expected starting receivers that were healthy enough to practice this season. Most of the projected starters were sidelined with injuries. Griffin singled out two of the injured players as people he was looking forward to having back.

"Todd Watkins, Mike Morris, those guys are going to be big for us," said Griffin.

Opposing defenses will have their hands full when the speedy Watkins and Morris are able to contribute again.

"It is going to get confusing because they are not going to know who to cover," said Griffin. "We are just getting started with this offensive so it's not even in full effect yet. We did not even run all the plays we had. It is going to be fun once we get everything done. We still have five months this summer so it's going to take off."

After nearly a full year in Provo, Griffin is happy with his choice of schools.

"I love it," he said. "It is a nice place to be."

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