The Road to the BCS

Now that the dust is beginning to settle over the latest sorties on the battlefield that is Div I-A collegiate football, it is time for the cleanup crews to sort through the rubble in an effort to understand just what has happened, why it happened and what to expect down the road.

For most of us, trying to make sense out of the shifts in the BCS is like trying to keep abreast of the quarterly changes in IT products and services. There comes a point when you just don't have the energy anymore and are left to choking down any and all talking points regardless of how speculative or ignorant entrenched they may be.

We have heard all sorts of rumor and innuendo concerning the BCS and their latest "attempts" at fixing the construct. The questioning voices are rising fast, and the sound of renting sackcloth is rising even faster as many Mountain West Conference fans are convinced that the powers that be in the boiler-room BCS back offices have combined against their conference to snuff out any chance for keys to the executive washroom.

Some of you may need to take a step or two back from the tabloid sports media, before you become totally convinced of football conspiracies requiring the expositive abilities of midnight lone gunmen rejects. Sure fans are free to rant and rave about the BCS, even if there has been a lot more ranting than raving over the past several seasons.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to attempt to take charge of the cleanup crew and sort this all out in a way that makes sense (if it is possible).

Sure you are free to fret and fight "The Man" and "Big Business." Before you begin rolling up your sleeves, passing out your placards and petitioning for lawsuits, take a seat and try to process the upcoming series of articles. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I may just have enough to show you that the future for the Mountain West is a lot brighter than you think.

Don't expect any tent meetings blowing the flaps open with "Hallelujahs," but the scenario that will be painted before you should be enough for at least a fist pumping, "Heck Yeah!" Now before I break out the brushes, paints and canvass, it is prudent for all readers to prepare themselves with a bit of background info. Remember, the road to the BCS is a long one; longer than many of you realize. Without proper preparation, it will be hard for some to move on and truly comprehend what lay ahead. So as hard as it may be for some of you, I recommend a bit of background reading. (Length warning: Not to be consumed over a rushed breakfast. And has been known to cause marital strife over what you prioritize with your valuable time)

Now that you are packed with that elephant in your case, you are ready to take the next step towards the BCS.

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