Recruit Profile: Konner Wiscombe

An LDS cornerback prospect out of Mountain Vista High School in the state of Colorado has BYU at the top of his prospective colleges list. He will be one to watch during his senior year of football.

Konner Wiscombe recently tested at a NIKE combine and came away with decent numbers for a junior prospect.

"I'm 5'11", and weigh 175 and I play defensive back," Wiscombe said. "At the NIKE Combine I ran my forty around a 4.5. My vertical is 31. Getting a scholarship is definitely one of my biggest priorities. I've received a lot of letters from different schools like Wyoming, CSU, UNC, BYU, Princeton, Columbia and a bunch of Ivy League schools and Air Force Academy."

Although his football team finished 5 and 6 on the season, Wiscombe faired well at the cornerback position.

"Last year I had 2 interceptions and I had, I think, like 12 or 14 pass breakups," said Wiscombe. "I had 5 fumble recoveries and I'm not sure how many tackles I had."

Wiscombe, who possess a current 3.4 GPA, likes both religious institutions of BYU and Notre Dame. When he is able, he follows the Cougars on television and is planning on attending the BYU summer camp this year with hopes of showing BYU coaches that he has improved on his forty time from the previous year's camp.

"I really like BYU," Wiscombe said. "I've always wanted to go to BYU and I also liked Notre Dame and I've had dreams of going there, but BYU is probably my number one school. I've been to their summer camp last year and the year before, and I plan on going there again this year. I did good and they really like me. I got the defensive back MVP award. I didn't run a great forty time there, but I've improved on that a lot and think I can run a 4.4 to tell you the truth. At the NIKE Combine I didn't have very good starts, and I've learned a lot during track and how to improve on my starts. I think I can run a 4.4. My goal is to eventually run a 4.3 eventually, but right now I think a 4.4 is reachable for me."

Wiscombe also plans on attending camps at Nebraska, CSU, CU and Wyoming.

"I'm definitely going to BYU, CSU, Wyoming and maybe Nebraska and CU so those are my main schools I guess," said Wiscombe. "I had planned on going to Stanford but it's during state championships, and you can only go to one camp I believe."

Wiscombe expressed his admiration for both BYU and Colorado State University head coaches Bronco Mendenhall and Sonny Lubick. At BYU, Wiscombe feels the academics, environment and facilities are top notch, and he has always wanted to play football for his church school.

"I really like coach Mendenhall and his work ethic and they way he develops players and people," said Wiscombe. "I also admire Coach Mitchell their defensive back coach there. I think Mendenhall is a great guy and I like how Mendenhall doesn't take any crap and he's straight to the point.

"They've got great facilities and they got a lot of great stuff in their weight room. I've always wanted to go into medicine because my dad kind of got into that, or maybe even into business or law."

Living in Colorado, Wiscombe has had a chance to become familiar with the local D-I programs. He has been particularly impressed with Sonny Lubick, head coach at Colorado State.

"I love Coach Lubick and he's a really nice guy," Wiscombe said. "We have a kid from our school his name is Cole Pemberton who's going there who's a linemen, and he said he just loves Coach Lubick. I really don't like the campus and the way the students have become, but if I went there it would be because of Coach Lubick and the football program in general. As long as I'm hanging out with the right crowd it would be okay."

Wiscombe was selected as a Second Team All-Mountain Range Conference selection last year and has a goal to make first team. He also plans on serving a full time LDS mission.

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