Top Texas Wide Receiver Talks BYU Football

BYU recently received a huge verbal commitment from McKay Jacobson, the pre-season 4th ranked wide receiver in the state of Texas. TBS talked with the Lone Star prospect about the recruiting process and his commitment to play football for the Cougars.

"I called up coach Mendenhall and I let him know that I'm committed and that I want to be a Cougar," said Jacobson. "He was really excited and I'm excited to go up there, and I already know most of the coaches. There are few new coaches that I want to get to know better like the receivers coach."

Last year during BYU's summer camp, there was a wide receiver that seemed to stand out above the rest. His name was McKay Jacobson, a junior-to-be wide receiver that beat camp participants on deep, short and on over the middle routs on a consistent basis.

Heading into his junior year of football, Jacobson carried with him the success and high caliber talent he displayed on that hot summer day during the BYU camp. He made a name for himself early despite missing much of his junior year from a leg injury after competing in four games. It wasn't long before college coaches caught onto what BYU coaches saw during that day of camp.

"The recruiting process was different and I've never gone through something like that," said Jacobson. "It was fun going through and exploring all my options."

Heading into the month of May and towards his senior for Southlake Carroll High School, USA Today's 2005 number one ranked high school football team, Jacobson has a current total of 13 offers, one of which just came in last weekend from Wisconsin despite his commitment to BYU.

"I've got a total of 13 offers now," said Jacobson. "I just got an offer from Wisconsin last Saturday.

"I got six offers from the BIG XII and they are Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Missouri, Kansas, Baylor and Oklahoma State. I've got one in the Conference USA and that's Houston. I've got two from the Mountain West Conference and they are Colorado State and BYU. Then from the BIG X, I got Wisconsin, Purdue, Northwestern and Minnesota."

With the scholarship offers flowing in fast for the senior to be wide receiver, Jacobson took a mature and calculating approach to a situation that, for most athletes, could have resulted in a high pressure and stressful situation for such a young man.

"I kept getting a few offers early and they kind of just come in," said Jacobson. "I'm very happy that these schools take the time to offer me and take a look at my abilities. I really appreciated it and it's a good feeling. It's kind of crazy at first when they all come in, and I thought I would narrow it down to what's realistic.

"I made a chart of the top couple of schools and BYU came out on top. I feel comfortable with BYU and some people think it's kind of early for me to commit, but I was ready and there was no reason to wait. I consider myself lucky to be able to go to BYU because it's such a great school. Some people say, ‘Well, they're lucky to get you,' but I'm the one that's lucky to be able to go to school there."

Placing the things that are most important to him first, Jacobson took an overall look at what the universities could provide him, and, after evaluating the pros and cons with his own personal values, one school seemed to possess the perfect fit.

"I just knew that's were I wanted to go," Jacobson said. "There's more reason for me to go there than any other place. The environment, the coaching staff, how my skills fit into the offensive scheme and my mission are the reasons why I committed to BYU."

Writer Geoff Ketchum of The LSR Top 100 currently ranks McKay Jacobson as the 4th best wide receiver in the state of Texas and the 35th best overall Texas prospect. Jay Fiedler, the publisher for Oklahoma State on, rated Jacobson as the universities number wide receiver prospect.

"Jacobson looks to be quite a bit better than anyone I've seen in our pool thus far," said Fielder. "He's a heck of an athlete which bodes well for most kick returnees. He has excellent vision and elusiveness along with being deceptively quick. He has great hands and is a great route runner which you don't see too often anymore."

With the recruiting process behind him, Jacobson wants to come to Provo, Utah during the last week of June to attend BYU's summer camp.

"I'm going to go the last week in June," Jacobson said. "I think it's the 27th through like the 30th, and then the first of July, so it's the last week in June. That's the one I'm going to."

Jacobson is not coming alone, however. He is also bringing a few South Lake Carroll High School teammates with him to the Wasatch Front, one of whom BYU is currently looking at.

"We have one of our offensive tackles that I think BYU is recruiting and his name is Mike Prince," said Jacobson. "He's an offensive tackle on the team and he started last year and is a good player. He's about 6'4" and around 280 and he moves pretty well. He'll be a senior next year and I think he's really a good prospect.

"I know he's having a few looks from colleges. I've talked to him a little bit about BYU and I don't know if he wants to go there, but he said he wants to go up there and go to the BYU camp for a couple of days. I'm actually taking a few of my football buddies up to the BYU camp, and then we are going to go down to where my dad grew and hang out in the mountains down there."

Following the summer activities, Jacobson plans on returning to Texas to get ready for his final season of high school football. He will graduate from school early to enroll at BYU in January and prepare for his first ever spring practice as a Cougar.

"I'm planning on graduating early in December and that's one other reason why I wanted to commit early. Some people make it later in the fall but it's probably about the same time frame as when they go to school.

"My plan is I'm going to enroll in January and go through and play during spring ball. I want to go to college for a year before I go on a mission. I want to try helping the team and contribut any way I can before I go. If I get better and work hard I think I'll have a shot to help the team win, so that's pretty much the plan right now."

Having started in 5-A Texas competition since his sophomore year, doubling both as a wide receiver and return specialist for the Dragons, Jacobson hopes he'll have a chance to continue doing the same as a Cougar for BYU.

"The coaches haven't really said where I'll play," he said. "I'm being recruited just as a receiver. I've been playing inside pretty much all the time I've been playing receiver, but I feel I can still go play outside if I need to. A receiver is a receiver and it's a little different but not too much.

"If I have the opportunity I would love to be the punt returner. What ever I can do to help our team and I would love to return punts. I love doing that. I'm just under 6'0 and 180. With my shoes on I'm 6'0. My shuttle is a 4 flat or a 4.1 depending on the day and I run a 4.4 forty."

Jacobson is working hard to get stronger, faster and smarter both for his senior season and for his career at BYU.

"I've gotten a lot bigger, stronger and faster and I guess I have a lot better knowledge of the game of football," Jacobsen said. "There are still some little things I need to work on. I feel like I could run better routs and improve my quickness, but other than that I feel pretty good about everything else.

"I ran track and in the 100 (meters) I ran about a 10.8. I ran a little bit faster last year when I concentrated more on track. I haven't really done that much this year, so my fastest time ever is a 10.74 with the laser (fully automated timing). I ran a 10.52 hand held but that really isn't quite as accurate."

Jacobson's best fully automated timing in the 200 meters came in at 21.56 timing.

Possessing both quickness and speed, Jacobson looks to be an outstanding cog in BYU's new offense. He intends to work hard so he can follow in the footsteps laid before him by Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year Austin Collie.

"I'm not going to say it's too high, but if I reach that it would be amazing," said Jacobson. "I would have to be better than I am right now. Do I think I can do that? Yes, I think I can do that. I just want to get up there and play.

"I remember watching Austin playing up there and he didn't seem like he played like a freshman. He's somebody that I knew about before he went to BYU. I kind of watched him and how he played and he's a great player, so even to be mentioned with his name would be an honor. To aspire to be as good as he is would be awesome."

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