The Cougars Went Down to Georgia

A Brigham Young University football coach recently made his way down south to check on a speedy running back prospect. Total Blue Sports has a report on the visit and the prospect's thoughts of BYU.

It's definitely a good sign when a college coach shows up at your high school to inquire more about you. BYU coach Brain Mitchell was in Georgia recently to see football star Harrison Collins.

The 5'10" 198-pound, running back from Bulloch Academy in Statesboro, Georgia had a visit from Mitchell and is receiving a lot of attention from other colleges.

"It was great having Coach Mitchell visit my school," Collins said. "I didn't believe my coach when he told me he was here, because he was supposed to come the day before but didn't make it. I only got to say hello to him, because he mainly talked with my coach, but he is a really nice guy."

Collins plans on going to Provo, for BYU's football camp in June and is excited to see the school.

"I've only driven by BYU," Collins said. "So I'm really looking forward to see the campus and meet the coaches. I can't wait to meet coach Mendenhall."

BYU isn't the only other school to be after Collins, he has been getting calls and letters from a lot of other big time programs. Collins father said that Florida is after him hard, and that most of the schools in the SEC have called requesting video of Harrison.

According to Collins father, Harrison is the total package.

"He has great field vision," Collins father said. "He has great burst of speed, and unbelievable break away speed."

His father also said that BYU is the school he would like his son to go to because they are Mormons, and that he feels Harrison's style of play will fit into BYU's system.

Collins has spent the off-season working hard; he has been lifting weights and working on his speed.

Academically Collins has an 18 score on his ACT, and he needs a 19. He has a 2.8 GPA and needs a 2.9.

"I'm only a point off on my qualifying scores," Collins said. "I'm working on that and I'm sure I'll pass."

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