BYU Considers Canyons Cornerback

Last year, the College of the Canyons Junior College defeated San Francisco Community College to win the California State JC Championship in football. A young cornerback, who BYU is recruiting, played a key part in that championship run.

According to Justin Tyron, BYU is recruiting him pretty seriously and he thinks the Cougar coaching staff could be on the verge of offering him a scholarship soon.

"They're really on me and they really want me now," said Tyron. "They are on me hard and they want to offer me now. They're all over me and I like BYU and everything but there are still a lot of things I don't know about BYU, so I don't want to say anything there you know. I just don't know to much about them.

"They want to offer me but I guess it's all on me. They want me to play corner there and said I could get in there and compete, but there's still one more season to play so we'll just go from there you know what I mean. When I transfer, I'm looking to hop right in there and do what I do. I'm looking to start and play when I get there. I like to man up a lot you know."

Growing up in a strong Christian home, Tyron felt what little he did know about the standards required to play at BYU was an attractive aspect to him. If BYU is his the best choice for him he would have no problems committing to the Cougars and the university's honor code.

"I would do it in a heartbeat you know," said Tyron. "I'm just saying, if you go through their program it will make you better person in life. It will make you a better man. I come from a background of a good Christian household. My mother was not playing around on that part you know. Yes, it's attractive to me."

Tyron admitted that he does not know much about the university, and would like to learn more about the honor code, academics and environment at BYU. Looking to major in business, Tyron said he would like to learn more about the type of business program BYU has to offer.

"It's all about being happy at the school you know and they have a code there that I would have to sign," he said. "No girlfriends, no drinking and you can't have intercourse and none of that because it's a good Christian school but there's no problem with that you know. You gotta go to church every Sunday and what not, but there's just a lot of stuff about BYU I just don't really know."

One school Tyron does like, and will be BYU's biggest competition, is Cal University simply because he has been to the campus, toured the school with friends that currently play for the Bears and knows what to expect from a social comfort level.

"I got letters and what not, but no school has offered me yet," said Tyron. "I would like to go to Cal. I like the environment up there. I'm always up there and I used to be a big USC fan but I've got a lot of friends up at Cal and they show me around and the campus. I get letters from Arizona State, Washington State, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Oregon and BYU is really on me.

"The academic stuff is another reason why I like Cal and what not. Cal has good academics and you've got to have a fall back plan being in this business. I want to get involved in business. I'm looking for a good business school and I want to get into real estate."

A 5'10", 181-pound corner back that ran track (timed a 47.0 in the 400 meters) in high school, Tyron has since concentrated on getting bigger and faster in preparation for D-I football.

"I clocked a 4.41 this year, but I was hoping to get down to the 4.3 range by the end of this summer so I'm working on my speed," Tyron said. "I ran a 4.12 on my shuttle.

"Last year, I did really good. Most receivers didn't catch a ball on me. I'm a shut down corner and you're not going to get anything on me. After awhile the quarterbacks stop throwing to my side. I had three picks and one I ran back for a touchdown. I did have like 35 solo tackles."

Tyron also runs track for the College of the Canyons, but he admits that his focus on football has hurt his times.

"This year I didn't do to good running track because I really didn't go to practice and I got too big playing football and stuff, but I ran a 47.0 in the 400 meters when I was at [Taft] high school," he said.

Tyron plans on being done with his associates degrees by December. Currently his top choices of college are Cal, USC, Oregon, Arizona State and BYU.

"Yes BYU is in my top 5, and I would take a recruiting trip there in a second," said Tyron. "My top 3 schools are Cal, USC and Oregon Ducks. My top 5 are Cal USC, Oregon, ASU and BYU.

"You got your schools you like because you know more about them, but then you got schools looking at you that you learn more about and like them for what they have to offer. I don't ever want to burn any bridges and it's still early in the year."

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