Deep Thoughts by Jackson Emery

Total Blue Sports caught up with future Cougar basketball player Jackson Emery and got his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Being State Champions:
It's great. I look back on the year and it was all worth it. No regrets. We went out and gave it our best and we came through. We get a ring. We're excited for them.

Making pressure free throws (he hit two to tie the game in the state semis to send it to overtime and in the 4A vs. 5A All-Star game he knocked down two to win the game):
The All-Star game free throws weren't as intense as the Olympus ones (in the semis). In the Olympus game I was thinking: I've got to make these or we'll lose. This is our chance to tie it.

Being the "Golden Child" (a nickname from the Lone Peak student body):
When other fans get on me, I just try twice as hard. But I don't try to force stuff. I don't need to prove I'm the best. Last year we had a kid at our school that was really good at football and baseball. They called him the "Golden Boy." This year, one of my friends said I couldn't be the "Golden Boy" because that was last year. So they started with "Golden Child." They chanted it all year. In the beginning it was a little embarrassing and made me laugh. But I didn't mind it at the end.

On Shaun Green, who signed with Utah:
He's a real good player. He's really talented. I think the one thing he lacks is that he doesn't work as hard as he could. He's been the star his whole life so he wasn't pushed.

His Toughest Opponent:
We had a hard region. Everyone comes ready to play. I couldn't choose just one, as they all have their strengths. Tyler Newbold (signed with Utah State) is really good. He was on my AAU team last year. He's not a hot head or high on himself. He works hard and gives you his best every game. He's really impressive. He's athletic. He works all game.

Dunking (he won the Utah Valley dunk contest on a Steve Nash "header" dunk):
During study hall, I was practicing some dunks with a friend. One of my friends played soccer and he said we should try it. It's harder than it looks. He's got to head it where I can get it. We tried it and I did a 180 on it. I told him to just get it close to the rim and I'll do something with it.

Red-shirting vs. Playing:
They told me in January they want to me to play. I don't want to red-shirt. So I'm going to work hard this summer to be ready.

Other Schools:
Air Force offered me. Utah, Utah State and Weber were all getting in the mix when BYU offered me. They were seeing how well my season was going. They were coming to my games and I guess BYU heard about that and made a decision on whether or not they wanted me. I guess they did. I didn't expect to be offered until after the season. I didn't have any offers going into the season and I thought about maybe going to a JC. But when BYU offered I decided to go there.

BYU or Utah:
I grew up with BYU and Utah. I have an uncle that's a Rice. So it's been back and forth between the two. In the tournaments I supported Utah and I liked their style of play. I like BYU's football team. I go to their games. I don't really have a favorite.

Best Skill:
I think my overall play. A tot of other guys do just one thing. Big guys do a post move. Some are really good shooters but not good defenders. I just give it my 100-percent best. I'm a pretty good shooter, but I can get better. I'm a good passer, but I'm still working on that. I'm working on my dribbling. I'm just trying to get my overall play to equal out.

Weakest Skill:
My dribbling. When I go to college there will be these quicker guys on me. If I can't dribble that well, they'll steal it from me. I've got pretty good handles on the ball, but I need to work on it. It's hard to say if I'll be able to play the point. I'll probably have to play some point though.

Rashaun Broadus:
Rashaun is good. He's a good ball handler. He'll help the team.

Mission Plans:
I'll play next year and then I'll leave. I have a June birthday so I'll leave after next year. I would like to go to a big city in the U.S. like L.A. or New York or Dallas. Some place big and see what that's like. I took some Spanish, but you could take four years of German and they could still send you to Mexico.

Summer Plans:
I won't be playing AAU ball. I'll just be working out with BYU.

Possible Majors:
I don't know. I like math. I took three math classes. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing too serious.

Basketball. Pool. Xbox. I like NCAA Football 2005. I'm not a big fan of the basketball game. They're not all that realistic, I don't think. And of course Halo 2.

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