The Next Big LDS QB Prospect?

An up and coming quarterback who doubles as a power forward for his high school team in the Tri-Cities area of Washington could be a household name for BYU fans in the not too distant future.

Heading into his junior year at Southridge High School, Jason Munns stands nearly 6'6" tall and weighs in at around 226 pounds. A sophomore who led the Southridge football team to a 9-3 record, Munns put up some very impressive numbers both as a quarterback and basketball player for both varsity teams.

"Yeah we did good," said Munns. "We got to the first round of the state playoffs for football and I think we were 9 and 3 and did about as good as we've ever done. It was really good because all of us were so young with very few seniors so it was an exciting deal. It gives us something to build on for next year. I played on the varsity team as a sophomore.

"The other day, bare foot, I was measured at 6'5 ½" and I think I'm 225 or 226 pounds. I run the forty in like 4.7 something. It was timed by my strength and conditioning coach or teacher, so it was like a 4.7 something."

Munns' numbers last season would be considered good for any high school quarterback, but when considered in light of the fact that he was only a sophomore, they are all the more impressive.

"I had 277 attempts and I completed 153 of them, so that's a 55.2 percent completion percentage," said Munns. "I threw for 2,298 yards and my average was 15.2 yards a pass. I threw for 31 touchdowns. I think the last time I maxed I [benched] 265 and squatted 405. I probably have 24 or 25 inch vertical. I can dunk a basketball."

Speaking of basketball, Munns just finished up a solid sophomore year and looks to improve his 17.4 points per game average his junior season once again starting for the Southridge varsity basketball team.

"At around 6'6" I do a lot of posting for our basketball team," he said. "I sometimes like to set out and shoot and play the guard type of guy, but my roll on the team is primarily playing the post.

"We just missed playoffs and we only lost two seniors so we were really young, and we had a first year head coach that we really like. So, we are really excited to start again because we have a brand new coach and a young team. I just played a few times my freshman year so I didn't really get any hard time as a freshman, so this year was basically my first year of varsity. It was pretty much our real first year of varsity for all of us but one. I scored around like 17.4 or something like that a game. I can't remember how many rebounds I averaged."

Despite his early success, Munns is still a relatively unknown athlete. However, with his physical talents, Munns looks to be a high makes his presence known on the recruiting scene.

"I got one letter from the University of Washington and I've actually gotten some for basketball but not a whole lot" said Munns. "I got one from Washington and one from Oregon. It was just kind of a questionnaire asking for your information kind of a deal."

By NCAA rule, college coaches are not allowed to recruit high school athletes until the conclusion of their sophomore year. For that reason, it will not be to long before Munns starts receiving a lot more than questionnaires from hopeful universities.

"It would be a flattery to be able to play for a big name school because you always set your sights to play for a Texas, Michigan or Utah or BYU. I'm not a big partier so definitely what they push is their education. Like when I went to the basketball camp up at Utah, they talked about their graduation rate and their push on academics. All the facilities and the weight room will also play a part of it as well."

Coming from an active LDS family, Munns said his family is somewhat divided between two favorite college programs. Some favor the University of Utah while the other side follows BYU.

"My grandparents like [BYU] and my brother likes them also and some don't care. My parents, they like both [BYU and Utah]. Both are high on BYU but both are high Utah too so they're not really one way or the other."

Munns said as a young boy he followed more of Utah's program than BYU's because of an uncle he admired growing up who works at the university. This, accompanied with the past success of the basketball program and recent success of the football program, has really sparked his interest in Utah.

"In Basketball in the past, with their final four and they made it to the championship game a few years ago, and I went to one of their basketball camps with Rick Majarus when he coached there a few years ago. When I was little, I kind of look up to my uncle and he was a die hard Utes fan so I just kind of when with him. Half of my family is University of Utah fans and half is BYU fans. I kind of fall under the University of Utah because my uncle works there and I've been to basketball camps there and with this year they did really well. But BYU is a pretty good school too so."

So how would Munns feel if his church college started recruiting him?

"Well, obviously it would be pretty cool because it's a D-1 football and it's a pretty big deal," he said.

Munns feels that religion is only one of many factors that have to be considered when selecting a university.

"There's a whole lot to look at and me and my dad have talked about it: how I fit into the program, what type of offense they run, what is going to fit me best, how long is it going to be until I'm playing, am I going to have to sit a year or two years or am I going to be able to get in and get going," Munns said. "I would like to go to a college that has good academics and a football program."

"I would definitely go for a program that accommodates both. I mean academics, you know that's important and is what is going to set you up for life, but yet I still live the dream that I'm going to play professional ball and that's the dream that keeps you going. Going to a school that is known for its sports and has a high academic standard it's a win-win situation no matter what happens in your career or in life. You're going to be set up either way later on in life."

Being LDS, Munns does feel it is important to be in an environment that did not challenge his moral beliefs.

"I'm not the hard core partier but I still like to hang out with friends," he said. "I would rather be out doing things with my friends than staying home, but there is a certain level of having fun. I don't go drinking or do drugs. I like to have clean fun I guess you can say.

"You can't every day be put into uncomfortable situation because of the way you live your life so that's important."

Munns has not decided weather or not he will serve a full time LDS mission, and even though he thinks about it quite often he will wait and see how things progress.

"I'm not sure but it's always something you think about," he said. "Right now it just seems a ways a way that I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it. I just want to see what the future brings and go from there."

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