Michael Moore to Visit BYU?

No, the liberal filmmaker is not coming to the Provo bastion of conserativism. Michael Moore is a two-way starter from Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley, California who holds a scholarship offer from BYU.

Michael Moore is being recruited by many colleges. Most are from the Pac-10.

"Let's see, BYU, U of A [Arizona], ASU [Arizona State], Colorado, Utah State, Texas A&M, Stanford, Princeton and Miami," said Moore. "There are a lot of them I guess."

Moore attended the Army All-American Combine in Texas and recently attended the USC NIKE Camp. Moore's self reported numbers from those two camps are very impressive.

"I'm 6'1-2/3" and I weigh 205," said the Senior-to-be. "I ran a 4.3 laser time at this last NIKE Camp at USC. I ran the shuttle in four flat before but I didn't run that at this last camp. I ran that one at the Army Combine."

Was he equally impressive in the weight room?

"Yeah, I can get it done in the weight room," said Moore. "I max 325 [on bench press], and I did 17 reps at 185 and that's alright. I wanted to get it to 20. I don't really remember my vertical but I think it was at a 36 or a 37."

Last year Canyon Springs High School went through some coaching changes that made things difficult for both the high school and for Moore as a player.

"Last year it wasn't really good for our school. We had a bad record," Moore said. "Me personally, I didn't do really well on offense but I made second team all league on defense. We had a bunch of coaching changes at the end of summer so things didn't really work out. I had like 10 sacks and I was the second leading tackler on my team. I had like 52 tackles or something like that.

"Last year I played defensive end but this year I'll be playing out side linebacker and running back. I'll be playing both ways."

Moore is an African American Latter-day Saint. He received his first offer by way of an email from BYU coaches.

"[BYU coaches] actually talked to my mom and then they wrote me an email today saying that they are going to offer me," said Moore. "I'm supposed to call them back tonight.

"They want to offer me a scholarship and they've already done my background check and everything like that. All they have to do is call my bishop and make sure everything is good and stuff like that."

So how does he feel about his first scholarship offer?

"I feel great about that because they're a D-1 school and they're a good school. I like the school a lot. Yeah, I'm LDS and it is my church school.

"I don't know too much about BYU, but I've heard from many people that they have the best football facilities in the country. I'm going to take a trip up there pretty soon, and I'm going to one of their camps up there."

While at BYU, Moore will then be able to visit the campus, see the facilities he has heard so much about and have a chance to get a feel for the campus, but prior to this he will be visiting a few other schools before his June visit to BYU.

"I'm going to ASU's this weekend," said Moore. "Well, I'm supposed to be. I'm going to U of A's next weekend. I might be going to Northwestern's and I'm going to BYU's. Maybe Stanford and I think that's about it. I've been to USC's campus and UCLA's campus. I didn't really like it and didn't get a really good feel for it."

Even though Moore is LDS he is not planning on serving a full time LDS mission at this point in time. He wants to concentrate on getting his college degree once he gets to college.

"I'm not planning on it right now," said Moore about serving a mission. "I just plan on going to college right after school. I'm very familiar with all the rules."

So how does his family feel about the BYU offer?

"They love BYU, and that's were they want me to go," said Moore. "Either there or U of A but I'm kind of looking more towards Stanford though."

Moore's top college choice is definitely Stanford at this point. He feels the education that Stanford provides is top notch, and knows a little more about Stanford's campus than he does about BYU's.

"It's a better school I think academically," he said. "Football wise and athletics wise they're probably not as good as BYU. I just like the school. I went down there for their junior day and I really liked the school. It just had a nice feeling to it.

"I love sports and I love to play football. I run track too and I love to run track, but while I'm at school I might as well get the best education that I can. I'm looking at going into engineering and business."

Moore currently has a 3.1 core GPA and has an SAT score that qualifies him for BYU. However, he is just shy of the necessary qualifying entrance score to be admitted to Stanford as an athlete.

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