Three-peat on the Mind

Championship teams are marked by carrying a high level of effort, focus and determination from the off-season into regular season games. If Gerald Munns is representative of the rest of his teammates, Hamilton High School is well on its way to a third consecutive state football championship.

Gerald Munns is a 6'4", 220-pound linebacker prospect who plays for Hamilton High School of Chandler, Arizona. Hamilton won the 5-A state football championship in 2004 and 2003, and heading into his senior season, not much besides repeating as the state champion occupies Munns' mind.

"I've heard from a lot of schools, but I'm not really thinking about [recruiting] at this point," said Munns. "I'm just totally focused on our upcoming season and that's all I'm preparing for right now."

Munns plays one of the two inside linebacker positions for the Hamilton Huskies, which employs a 4-2-5 scheme. Last season, Munns recorded 122 tackles and 4 sacks and garnered all-region and all-state honors in the process.

"I would have had a lot more tackles had I not sat out for almost all of the second half in most of our games," laughed Munns. "We beat most schools by a lot, so I rarely got to play an entire game along with most of the other starters."

Although Munns is not paying as much attention to recruiters, colleges are paying a lot of attention to him. "I'm getting a ton of letters from just about all the PAC-10 schools, BYU, Utah and Colorado State," said Munns. "I'll look at all of the schools hard once the season ends, but I don't want to really focus on it right now."

Munns has received a scholarship offer from Colorado State and is hearing mostly from coaches from BYU and Arizona who he lists as his two favorites at this point. "Colorado State saw my footage and offered me from that," said Munns. "I haven't had much contact with them beyond that, but they'll definitely be a school I'll look at."

Regarding Arizona, Munns stated: "I like Arizona because they're close to home and I think coach Stoops is really starting a great program and I'd like to be a part of that. They've been up here to see me and they'll definitely be a school I'll look at hard after the season."

Munns grew up in northern Utah and moved to Arizona when he was 12 which brings the interest in BYU. "I loved BYU growing up and I also liked Utah as well," said Munns. "That's primarily why I'm interested in BYU, but I also like the coaches who I've met and I like the defensive system that they run there."

Cougar linebacker coach and recruiting coordinator Paul Tidwell has been Munns' primary contact at BYU. So far, Munns is impressed with Tidwell and the program he is presenting. "Tidwell is just a really straightforward guy," said Munns. "He's very direct and honest and I like that. He's a great guy and I'd love to play for a coach like that."

Munns is LDS, but he does not have plans to serve a mission.

In the meantime, Munns has limited his summer camp options due to the rigorous off-season program that his high school coach employs. "I don't really have time to go to many camps," said Munns, "I'd love to go up to BYU's camp and some others, but I really don't have time."

As Munns continued to emphasize, all of his time is going to be used to prepare for his final season at Hamilton. Once his senior campaign is over, Munns will turn his thoughts to the more distant future. "I'll just see what my options are at the end of the season and go from there," he concluded.

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