Cougars Get with the Program

Defensive tackle Jerzy Siewierski is a wanted man. The list of schools that have extended a scholarship offer to him seems to grow almost daily. BYU recently tossed their hat into the ring, and TBS got Siewierski's reaction to the offer.

At 6'3" and 300 pounds, Jerzy Siewierski, is a player with quick hands and a self-described mean streak on the field. That sounds like exactly what BYU's defensive line could use next year, but is he interested in BYU?

"I'm definitely interested in BYU," Siewierski said. "Any team that is offering me a scholarship, I am taking serious."

According to Siewierski, BYU coach Paul Tidwell called and offered him a scholarship recently.

"Coach Tidwell said they like my style of play and want me to come to BYU," Siewierski said.

Siewierski, who is not a member of the LDS faith, said that religion will not be a factor in his decision. He said that he has friends who are LDS and one of the coaches on his high school team graduated from BYU.

"Our special teams coach graduated from BYU," Siewierski said. "He sent my highlight tape to BYU and they offered."

Siewierski has 12 scholarship offers now, with Duke being the most recent school to offer.

Playing time and location are two of the biggest factors for Siewierski when he makes his choice. His father is deceased and he wants his mother to be able to come out to his games.

Last season for Reed High School in Sparks, Nevada (just east of Reno) Siewierski was named second team all-league defensive line and looks to improve on that. He has been working hard this off-season, and says he wants to improve his ability to change direction once he gets into the backfield.

Siewierski went to the Nike camp at Stanford a few weeks ago, and plans on attending Cal's camp and UNR's this summer. As far as favorites go he likes Oklahoma State, UCLA, Boise State and Wisconsin. Siewierski said Oklahoma St. has told him that they are thin on the D-line next year, and they were also the first school to offer him.

Cal is the one team that Siewierski is hoping will offer him. He will likely make his decision at the end of his senior season.

TBS will track Siewierski as the season goes on to see if his interest in BYU grows. As a matter of family heritage, Siewierski is a Polish name. Siewierski's dad is Polish but his mom is not.

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