Cougar Comments: Moa Peaua

For the sixth installment of Cougar Comments, TBS spoke with Moa Peaua. BYU's punishing fullback talked about his style of play, the Blue-White game and his plans for the summer.

Big Moa Peaua is a monster force on the football field. No one, including his own teammates, wants to get in Peaua's way at 6'0" and around 290 pounds. TBS asked several BYU defenders, including safety K.C. Bills and middle linebacker Cameron Jensen, which player on BYU's offense was their least favorite person to tackle. Without hesitation the first name out of every defender's mouth was Moa.

When TBS informed Peaua of how the defense felt about tacking him, he was graciously appreciative of the acknowledgement. "It feels good coming from a tough defense," said Peaua.

That is especially meaningful coming from Peaua, who used to play on the defensive side of the ball for the Cougars. In fact, it is his time with the defense that Peaua attributes to his hard-nosed approach in his offensive assignments.

"I played three years on defense so I've tried to take that defensive mentality onto the offense," said Peaua.

While Peaua is a big presence on the field, Cougar coaches expressed the concern that he was a little too big to perform at his maximum potential. For a time at the beginning of spring practice, it seemed like any mention of Peaua in the media or on internet fan sites made some reference to Peaua's 300-plus pound weight.

Peaua was told by coaches that he could not practice until he dropped his weight to a certain level. Peaua did not reach the specified weight until a few weeks into practice so he was not able to participate in drills and scrimmages until the last week of spring ball. Peaua understood why the coaches were holding him out of practice, but he could have done without the media attention.

"No, I mean the coaches are just trying to make me a better player," said Peaua. "It was trying at first, but it was for a good reason."

The Blue-White game marked only the eighth practice for Peaua in the spring (most of his teammates participated in 15 practices). That may be part of the reason Peaua saw room for improvement after the game. "Like every other performance I think personally I could do a little bit better," he said.

Peaua was pleased with how well the team did as a whole, although he realized that the touchdown-less game could have been more exciting.

"I think we did pretty good," said Peaua. "I think we could have done better for the fans and catch those long bombs and stuff."

The remaining summer months will be a busy time for Peaua. He is going to focus on conditioning and getting in the best playing shape possible.

"For me, [I plan on] trying to lose weight so I can be a better player," said Peaua. "My goal is to be 265 or 270 right around that area."

In the 2004 Blue-White game, Peaua caught a dump pass and showed some unexpected speed when he turned the corner for a sizeable gain. Ever since that play, Cougar fans have been anxiously awaiting Peaua's first carry or catch in a regular season game. The time has not yet come, but Peaua will know what to do when it does.

"It is up to the coaches; whatever they want me to do, I try to do it," said Peaua about handling the ball. "If they call my number I think I will be ready."

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