TBS Releases 2nd 2005-2006 Recruiting DVD

TBS is pleased to announce the release of its SECOND 2005-2006 recruiting DVD. Watch highlights of, and listen to commentary by 13 BYU recruits including 2005 signees Matt Reynolds, Spencer Hafoka, Russell Tialavea, Peter Vailahi, Sete Aulai, Justin Robinson, Brandon Howard, Cade Hulbert, Kyle Leukenga, Shawn Doman and Chris Bolden, and 2006 BYU recruits Sione Fua and Stanley Havili.

TBS is pleased to announce the release of its SECOND 2005-2006 recruiting DVD

TBS's first recruiting DVD met with outstanding customer response, and its second recruiting DVD promises to be even better.  Here are a few reviews from customers who purchased TBS's first recruiting DVD:


"What I liked most was something I haven't seen in any other football recruit DVD—actually hearing the recruits, in their own words and voices, talk about their strengths as players, the recruiting process and what it was that made them feel that BYU was the place for them." –Mike  Murray, Utah


 "TBS did a fantastic job on the first DVD. I am truly excited to get my hands on the second one." –Ben  Glendale, Arizona


"It is worth more than it's sold for!" – Ryan  Orem, UT


 "If you want to be excited about the future of BYU football, order these DVDs." –Jason  Aurora, Colorado


How will the second TBS recruiting DVD top that? 


Well, for starters it has nearly twice as many recruits, then add to that more audio commentary, better editing, better graphics, and an improved opening menu and you've got a DVD unparalleled by any other.


Included on TBS's second recruiting DVD are:

Stanley Havili (2006 RB Prospect)
Sione Fua (2006 OL Prospect)
Justin Robinson CB (Recruiting Class of 2005)
Brandon Howard CB (2005)
Cade Hulbert CB (2005)
Russell Tialavea DT (2005)
Kyle Leukenga LB (2005)
Shawn Doman LB (2005)
Chris Bolden LB (2005)
Sete Aulai OL (2005)
Peter Vailahi OL (2005)
Matt Reynolds OL (2005)
Spencer Hafoka WR (2005)

Also, TBS is still offering its first recruiting DVD. Included on that DVD are James Lark (2006 QB Prospect), McKay Jacobsen (2006 WR Commit), Isley Filiaga (Recruiting Class of 2004), Vic So'oto TE (Recruiting Class of 2005), Harvey Unga RB (2005), Stephen Covey CB/QB (2005), and Luke Ashworth WR (2005).

Finally, TBS is offering a high quality, 100% cotton TBS t-shirt.  The white t-shirt has the traditional TBS shield logo on the front and the new "If you bleed BLUE, read BLUE – TotalBlueSports.com" graphic on the back.

The pricing is as follows:

$13.00 for any single item, either DVD or the t-shirt
$22.00 for any two items
$30.00 for all three items
Add $10 for each item after the first three.

Shipping is included in these prices. 

If you order a t-shirt and do not specify a size, you will be sent an XL.  We have S, M, L, XL 2XL and 3XL, although supplies of S, M, 2XL and 3XL are limited.

NOTE: If you previously placed an order for both DVD's your 2nd DVD has already been shipped.



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