Emerging SoCal WR/DB Likes BYU

James Dockery is showing up on an ever-increasing number of D-I recruiting radars. One of the first school to show interest in the California WR/CB prospect was BYU. Dockery told TotalBlueSport.com that the interest is mutual.

James Dockery is a 6'2", 170-pound WR/CB recruit from Palm Desert, California who is making the rounds this summer and impressing would-be Division I college suitors on the way. Now, as Dockery is nearing the end of his summer workouts and travels to camps, he is starting to get noticed.

"I went to BYU's camp last week just for a day and I did the same thing at UCLA's camp, staying there just for one day," said Dockery. "I'm pretty much done now. I'm going to work out with my team and prepare for my final season."

Dockery will likely play both ways for a second year. His high school squad went 7-3 last year before losing in the second-round of the playoffs. "We definitely want to go farther this year," said Dockery. "I want to do better and the team wants to do better."

Last season, Dockery finished with around 45 catches, 80 tackles, 7 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. Those numbers have earned him looks at both defensive back and wide receiver by college coaches. "At UCLA last week they worked me out mostly as a safety and as a cornerback," related Dockery. "I think it's mostly because the guy recruiting me there is their defensive back coach."

Dockery can indeed play both ways and does not feel a preference toward either one at this early stage of the recruiting process. "Wherever they think I can play best and help their program most is where I'll play," said Dockery.

The options of where to will play are starting to open up for Dockery. He already holds offers from such schools as BYU, UTEP, San Diego State and Utah State while other schools are giving him long looks and a lot of attention. "UCLA wants me to come back and work out for them again, so I guess they're pretty interested," said Dockery. "Washington, Nebraska and Fresno State have requested my transcripts and SAT scores, so something might come from them, I really don't know."

Right now Dockery is very wide-open in regards to which school he will end up signing with as he waits for all of his options to surface. "I like BYU a lot right now," said Dockery. "They offered me a while ago after they saw my tape. I think they requested my high school tape to watch someone else and noticed me. They've since been out to talk to my coaches and I've been to their camp."

Dockery enjoyed his time in Provo and likes the options he is presented with at BYU. "I didn't know how wide-open their offense really is," said Dockery. "It's a fun offense where I could see myself playing in for sure. I think it's a good fit for me playing receiver in their program."

One player Dockery sees himself emulating is last year's wide receiver phenom Todd Watkins. "I watched him play a lot last year and I want to be that sort of guy in their system once he leaves," said Dockery, "sort of pick up where he left off." Dockery has the size and speed to pull that off, measuring 6'2", with a legitimate 4.5 forty time. Dockery has also been impressed with BYU's coaches. "I've talked with Coach Mendenhall and with Coach Higgins," said Dockery. "Both of them seem like straight-up guys who expect the best. I've heard of how hard Coach Mendenhall works his players, but that's what it takes to be the best, hard work, so I like that. I'm not afraid of it."

The strict moral and academic standards at BYU are not viewed as a problem by Dockery, who is not LDS. "I'm a good kid," said Dockery. "I stay out of trouble and I think their standards there will help me focus on the things that are important such as football and getting an education. I've talked to people and they say that BYU doesn't try and push their religion on you, that they're very respectful of your own personal beliefs. I also have some friends who are Mormon and I get a long with them just fine."

In the meantime, Dockery refuses to name a favorite, but will just take his time in deciding which option is best for him. "I was originally going to commit early before the season started, but that doesn't look like what I'll do now," said Dockery. "I'm going to take my time and consider all of my options as they come in."

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