BYU Rounds Out the Round Ball Staff

BYU Head Basketball Coach Dave Rose filled the final vacancy on his coaching staff. Coach Rose promoted Walter Roese from director of basketball operations to assistant coach. He also announced that Terry Nashif will be the new director of basketball operations.

"It's been a long process for me," Coach Rose said. "I'm excited at how it has turned out and excited to have these guys who are committed to working to bring BYU basketball to the next level."

Coach Rose described the next level as "competing and winning at a conference and national level." He said that the experience Coach Roese brings will help the program get where the coaching staff wants it to be.

Roese was selected to be an assistant on the Brazilian national team as they prepare for the Tournament of the Americas, a qualifying tournament for next year's World Basketball Championship. Roese will be coaching well-known NBA players such as Nene Hilario, Leandro Barbosa and former BYU center Rafael Araujo.

"When I was in the process of trying to put this staff together," Rose said, "the most important thing for me was that the guys that I hired would have the same vision for the program that I have. I am confident that I have found guys that are committed and passionate about this game and are loyal to BYU.

"My vision is to create a program where our players and athletes foster great development and become great leaders. More importantly, it's crucial that we represent the University and the Church in a way that brings positive recognition and distinction to our school."

Coach Rose added that his entire staff is hardworking and has a sense of urgency. Every member understands that every day is vital to make the basketball program the best it can be. A college basketball coach is not a six month a year job. It's a 12 month, 365 day job.

One of the main focuses of the now complete staff will be recruiting. In fact, immediately after relaxing and resting up during the 4th of July holiday the staff will hit the road recruiting. During the month of July, they will crisscross the nation visiting AAU tournaments, basketball camps and scouting potential recruits.

"The absolute, single most important thing this staff will be involved in on a daily basis is recruiting," Rose said. "There won't be a day where recruiting is not addressed by this staff. It's the life blood of any athletic organization and it will be our main focus on a daily basis. We will contact, evaluate and we will recruit the best players to represent our school athletically and academically."

While he will be coaching the Brazilian national team, Roese's contacts within the international game will allow BYU to expand its recruiting base. He will serve as the point man for BYU's international player scouting.

The BYU job will be his first as a full-time coach. He played professionally in Brazil for seven years. He still holds the Brazilian league single game record for assists, with 23. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

TBS will catch up with both new assistants after the July recruiting period.

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