BYU Gets Commit from Summerville Transfer—UPDATED

Wednesday was a fruitful day for the Cougars on the recruiting front. By the end of the day, three high school athletes had given BYU coaches verbal commitments to play for the Cougars next year. One of those recruits was speedy South Carolina transplant Rhen Brown.

While most recruits stew over the decision of where to commit, others find the decision very easy to come by when the school they have in mind offers. Such was the case with Rhen Brown as every important factor he looked for as a football player and a student was found at BYU.

"BYU has everything I could hope for," said Brown. It's a church school, it has great academics, my brother plays there and it's the school I've always wanted to attend and play at. The decision wasn't all that hard for me."

The offer came via email as Brown was attending BYU's camp after his family moved from South Carolina to Utah just one week prior to the start of camp. "My father got the email on Tuesday and called me up," said Brown. "I then told Coach Mendenhall on Wednesday that I wanted to commit. He seemed excited about it and I know that I was really excited about it as well."

Rhen Brown is very much the little brother of current Cougar offensive lineman Terence Brown. While Terence weighs in at over 300 pounds and plays with the uglies on the offensive line, the 5'11", 180-pound Rhen will likely play either cornerback or wide receiver for the Cougars.

Rhen's stock exploded during BYU's camp as he initially ran a 4.49 forty during the one day camp on June 17. While that time alone could have earned him a scholarship, Brown came back to camp this past week and improved upon that time by posting a 4.40 and a 4.42 time respectively.

During the camp, Brown was able to meet a lot of the recruits he will be playing with and came away impressed. "McKay Jacobsen wasn't there long, but he's for sure a great athlete and a nice guy," said Brown. "I got to know Robbie [Buckner] real well and I'm definitely looking forward to playing with him. We're both from the south and struggled with the thin air a bit. Robbie is a great guy and a real good football player."

"Yeah, he [Rhen Brown] can move," said Rhen's father Robert Brown with a laugh. "He's a very good athlete, as is Terrance. You wouldn't think Terrance is all that fast, but he can get going as well. Both of them are good athletes and I'm so happy as a father that both of them will get a chance to play football together here at BYU."

In the meantime Rhen Brown is preparing for the upcoming season during which he will play for nearby Lone Peak High School just outside of Alpine, Utah. "I want to help them win a championship," said Brown. "I know they're a really good program and hopefully I can help them win a state title."

Brown left one of the top programs in South Carolina where he played quarterback after the intended starting quarterback went down early in the season with an injury. "I really haven't been able to play as much as a receiver and as a defensive back as I would have liked," said Brown. "Hopefully I'll be able to do that all year long at Lone Peak to help prepare me better to play the positions at BYU."

BYU coaches offered Brown as an athlete and he will likely play either receiver or cornerback when he returns from his planned LDS mission. "I plan on leaving right after I graduate," said Brown. "My brother Terence also plans to leave around that time, so we'll be getting back at the same time to play together which is something I've looked forward to."

"They've always wanted to play together on the same team," said Robert Brown. "Rhen made the varsity squad when Terence was a senior, but didn't get to play much. Now it looks as if they'll have at least three years together at BYU and that is neat thing for a father and I know it means a lot for them as well. It's something they've both wanted."

Rhen Brown has enjoyed his time in Utah attending camp and has become very impressed with the Cougar coaching staff, "I talk to Terrance a lot about the coaches and he tells me stuff, but just working with them last week at camp made me like them personally. They're just great guys all of them. They're the sort of guys you want to play for.

"I'm a big fan of Coach Mendenhall. The level of organization and communication that he and his staff have is just so impressive to me as a father. I've come to know other coaches and Mendenhall is easily the most impressive coach I've seen. He hasn't coached a game yet, but I have no doubt when talking to him and getting to know him from my son that he'll be successful and in turn my sons will be successful."

"Oh, he works [his players] hard, but that's what I want as a player," said Rhen. "I'm ready to work hard for him since that's how you get better."

"Coach Mendenhall is exactly the type of coach that I as a father dream of my kids having an opportunity to play for," said Robert. "More than being successful on the football field, Coach Mendenhall brings a level of consistency, accountability and hard work that will benefit my kids for life. You really couldn't ask for anything more as a father. I'm just so thankful that the coaches at BYU are giving my sons the opportunity."

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