Lark: BYU Is the Perfect Place for Me

Pine View's highly sought-after quarterback, James Lark, committed to Coach Bronco Mendenhall this last Wednesday during the closing days of BYU's youth summer football camp. The time Lark spent at camp was crucial as it allowed him to fit the final piece into his recruiting puzzle.

"BYU has everything I want as a quarterback, as a student and as a Mormon," said James Lark. "It's the perfect fit for me and I couldn't be happier about my decision."

For Lark, there was only one question mark about BYU heading into their summer camp. "I wasn't sure about their quarterback coach, Coach Doman," Lark explained. "I know he's a great guy and was a great quarterback, but he's also someone who has no experience coaching, and that's something that concerned me coming in."

While every position on the football field requires hour after hour of technique training in addition to learning various schemes, plays and formations, quarterback perhaps requires more attention to minute detail than every other position on the field. Indeed, quarterbacks and quarterback coaches have to be on the same page, which means they have to spend a lot of time together.

After just a couple of days at camp, Lark was sold. "All my questions were answered," he said. "Coach Doman knows what he's doing and it seemed like he'd been coaching quarterbacks at BYU for the past seven or so years. He's so enthusiastic and I relate to him very well. Coach Doman not only convinced me that BYU was the place, but he put them way over the top. He'll be the perfect coach to learn from and to prepare me to hopefully run BYU's system."

Regarding BYU's system, Lark feels that it is again a perfect fit. "We run a very similar system here at Pine View, so I feel that picking it up won't be all that difficult for me," said Lark. "It's a system I do well in and that was a big part of why I committed to BYU."

While at camp, Lark also got to know current Cougar commits Mike Hague from Brighton high school in Sandy, Utah and McKay Jacobsen from Southlake Carroll High School just outside of Dallas. "Both of those guys are awesome guys," said Lark. "You want to play with teammates who you get a long with and that can also play. Those are just two of the guys, but I'm real excited to be part of the program with them. They'll both help me and the rest of the team a lot."

Trusting and believing in the head coach is a large part of any player's commitment to any given school. Lark stated that he was sold on Coach Mendenhall a long time ago. "I've known for a while now that Coach Mendenhall is going to be successful and bring BYU back to where it needs to be," said Lark. "You just listen to him speak and you know that he knows exactly what he's doing. There is no question in my mind that Coach Mendenhall will lead BYU back to being a top program in the nation."

As a life-long BYU fan, Lark has been frustrated with BYU's relatively poor performances over the past three seasons, but that is one of the major reasons why he committed to sign a letter of intent with BYU. "I feel that I'm coming to BYU at exactly the perfect time," said Lark. "They have a new coach that will return BYU to where it should be; they have a new offense that will help that as well. To be part of that is something that I'm so excited for."

Lark has mission plans and will turn 19 in October after he graduates from Pine View. He plans on playing at least one season before leaving on his mission. "I don't know what I'm going to do right now concerning a mission, but I definitely plan on serving one," he said.

BYU is not just a place for Lark to play football. He also realizes that he will have received an excellent education and a marketable degree when he graduates. "BYU is a great school. Its academics are the tops and earning a degree from BYU will help me in life," said Lark. "I don't know exactly what I'm going to major in right now, but I'm thinking business or sports medicine."

Lark did not originally plan on committing to BYU so early as he had offers from Utah, Arizona State, North Carolina, Oregon and many more sure to come. The 6'4" quarterback originally planned on looking around a bit more before committing. "I called my parents before I went in to commit to Coach Mendenhall to tell them what I wanted to do and they were a bit surprised," said Lark. "They sort of encouraged me to take my time and consider all my options, but they were both very supportive of me committing to BYU as well."

Again, the decision was an easy one for the record setting quarterback. Said Lark: "BYU is the perfect place for me. It has the tradition, the facilities, a new coach who will take the program to new heights and a quarterbacks coach who knows exactly what he's doing. It's also a great school with a good environment. No other school had everything that BYU has to offer and that's why I made my decision. I couldn't be happier with my decision. I just can't wait to get going."

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