Care to Dream?

This fall, BYU will have a new look offense with an old school feel. Rob James takes a minute to consider what things would have been like last year in Cougarland if the new offense had been up and running …well, passing… a year earlier.

So I'm looking at Rex McBride's painstaking work in the form of hordes of stat lines displaying the offensive prowess of the nations Division I schools, and I get an idea.

What if…

BYU's offense last year had been as effective as Texas Tech's?

Let's have fun. Pure speculation and conjecture hear – mind you. Numbers are rounded off to the nearest optimistic view. First, I have to equate "point's per minute" for both teams. I will remind you however, I am a world renown statistician. My calculations are rock evidence. Take it to the bank, brethren.

Hmmm… let's see. 100 years in a century, 60 minutes in an hour, 15 minutes quarters, time outs, overtimes, sun spots, carry the 2…


Texas Tech averaged 29.616 minutes of offensive possession last year during 12 games, and scored 434 points for an average of 36.2 points per game. Using my abacus we see that Texas Tech was scoring an average of 1.222 points per minute.

BYU averaged 29.183 minutes of offensive possession last year during 11 games, and scored 267 points for an average of 24.3 points per game. My trusty Casio say's that BYU was scoring an average of .8326 points per minute.

Cool. Now lets swap out BYU's diminutive .8326 points per minute, and plug in Texas Tech's Sturdy, considerable 1.222 points per minute into BYU's time of possession last year and see how the games would have turned out.

First BYU would have averaged 35.7 points per game.

Lets look at the game outcomes…

BYU vs. Notre Dame Actual Score 20-17 (Win) Adjusted Score Had We Had a Texas Tech Offense Installed (ASHWHATTOI) BYU 41, Notre Dame 17

BYU shows a national audience just how potent the new offense is, and BYU earns a #36 ranking.

BYU vs. Stanford Actual Score 10-37 (Loss) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 41, Stanford 37

In a nail biter, BYU scores 1.222 points per minute in the last six minutes to pull of a come from behind victory. BYU Gets additional top 20 points and is ranked 31st in the country.

BYU vs. USC Actual Score 10-42 (Loss) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 28, USC 42

BCS busting dreams are dashed, but BYU is not embarrassed against the top ranked Trojans.

BYU vs. Boise State Actual Score 27-28 (Loss) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 35, Boise 28

First major Riots in the town of Boise break out, and BYU moves up in the polls to #26 after the prior weeks set back.

BYU vs. Colorado State Actual Score 31-21 (Win) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 39, Colorado State 21

Lubick swears he had a dream he only lost by 10, but is willing to concede the loss. BYU Makes an appearance in its first top 25 poll in 4 years at #23.

BYU vs. UNLV Actual Score - 24-20 (Loss) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 39, UNLV 24

This is our Homecoming for heaven's sake! BYU will not be losing this one!! BYU moves into the #20 Spot.

BYU vs. WYO Actual Score 24-13 (Win) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 34, WYO 13

BYU spanks the pokes. Fans Rejoice, Rankings improve (#19).

BYU vs. AFA Actual Score 41-24 (Win) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 37, Air Force 24 In a strange twist of implausible hokey providence, BYU score less than it would have in another life, yet still wins the game. BYU leapfrogs a team to move to a #17 ranking.

BYU vs. SDSU Actual Score 49-16 (Win) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 37 – SDSU 16 Once again strange things are aloof in the cosmos, and BYU scores less than it would in another dimension. Nonetheless, it's a win, and BYU holds tight to its #17 ranking.

BYU vs. New Mexico Actual Score 14-21 (Loss) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 37, New Mexico 21

BYU now has a 6 game winning streak and is ranked #15. A showdown is set up with Utah. BYU is primed to deliver the set–back of the Utes history.

BYU vs. Utah Actual Score 52-21 (Loss) ASHWHATTOI – BYU 29, Utah 52

It's not to be. Even with the improved Texas Tech offense, BYU comes up short against the Freak of Nature Ute's. Urban declares his love for the team, the city, and swears he'll never leave the state. BYU drops back to #17.

BYU concludes the season with a 38 – 28 win over Louisville. Todd Watkins is named the offensive player of the game with 178 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns, and Matt Payne is named the defensive player of the game for the second time in his career.

BYU finishes the season ranked #16 with a record of 10-2, and Gary Crowton is given a public endorsement by the BYU athletic department.

Well, enough dreaming. BYU ended up with a losing record. Crowton "resigned". And even with Robert Anae, the offense next year will be the BYU offense. It would be like calling the Bush Presidency the Clinton Presidency just because they kept Clinton's travel secretary.

I have no doubt that Coach Anae will do a great job, but he will be installing the new BYU offense. The Red Raiders still have the Texas Tech offense.

Still, if you care to dream…

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