Recruit Profile: Joseph Folau

There seems to be quite a lot of top quality LDS talent across the county in the 2006 recruiting class. BYU is already in the hunt for some of the top high school linemen in the state of California. In the state capital of Sacramento lives a Cali linebacker prospect who is also receiving interest.

Joseph Folau is receiving quite a lot of attention from some top PAC 10 schools along with other top D-I programs from various conferences. His stats as a junior linebacker in Sacramento pretty much tells you why.

"I made First Team All-Delta League. I had 135 tackles, 95 solo and 25 assists with 7 and a half sacks," said Folau. "On the field I'm just a great run stopper and I'm a very aggressive player."

As he indicated, Folau feels his most valuable asset on the field is his ability to stop the run. Over the summer he has worked hard in developing his pass covering abilities to help improve on his tackle numbers for next season with Valley High School.

"What I mostly do on the field is I'm a classic run stopper. I mean, I have a great motor that never runs out from side line to side line. What I need to work on to get to the next level is my pass coverage. It's been going great throughout the summer, and I've improved on that a lot better. Most recently when I went to a camp at Sacramento State I earned an award for being the most skilled defensive player.

With his current size, Folau possesses an adequate linebacker build at 6'1" and weighing in at around 241 pounds. If Folau can get his forty time down a few tenths of a second, he would be a monstrous force to be reckoned with on the field.

"Right now I stand at 6'1" and 241 pounds and I ran a 4.8 forty at the Stanford NIKE camp," Folau said. "I bench pressed 185 pounds 25 times at the NIKE camp. My vertical leap is a 25.8. My bench max is 350 pounds right now. I can squat about 475 pounds right now. I can clean at 225 pounds."

Currently during his junior year he has received quite a few phone calls and even more recruiting letters from programs in the Pac-10, MWC and Big XII conferences. Even though he currently has only one offer, Folau feels things will change during his senior year when college coaches can watch him up close.

"Well, I've been talking to a lot of schools mainly the Pac-10," said Folau. "Of all the Pac-10 schools, I'm getting calls from Cal Berkley, USC and I actually got a phone call from BYU, but I wasn't here at the time. I've been getting letters from Washington, Oregon, Oregon State and USC. I would like to stay in California but anyone who offers me a scholarship, I'll take it. My only offer on my resume is Sacramento State right now.

"Technically, I talked to Arizona State last week and they've got me on their top 100 list of their final recruiting process and they're going to wait to make a decision on me after my senior season. Most of these schools from the PAC 10 just want to see more out of me, but my recruiting process is going good. So I've been getting a lot of mail from all of these schools from the Pac-10 and also from Utah University, Colorado State, Colorado University, Texas A&M, Arizona State and all them."

In college Folau wants to study either criminal justice or business administration.

"My first major will be criminal justice or business administration," Folau said. "Overall I carry a 3.0 quarter rated GPA and the last time I took my SAT I scored a 1080. I'm a qualifier now," Folau said.

One other primary factor in what Folau is looking for as a possible college choice is being able to adapt and feel comfortable in a familiar environment.

"My main focus is to go to a school more urban or city-like so I can adapt to the situation much easier, like [the state of] Utah," said Folau. "There are a lot of Polynesians up in Utah and I can adapt myself to that environment really easy. I can adapt myself easily there where I won't feel like I want to go home. I can feel like at home anywhere up in Utah, whether it's BYU or Utah or Utah State.

"BYU, I like it primarily because it's a Mormon school, and I can go there and I won't feel like I'm just out of range. Also, they have a good football program over there, and watching BYU football last year and two years ago, one of my favorite players was Brady Poppinga from the linebacker and defensive end spot. As a defensive end I watched him a lot of the time."

Folau told that if BYU offers him a scholarship he would heavily consider committing to play football for Mendenhall's cougars for all the right reasons.

"BYU has a physical, top notch defensive team and it's a great football program," he said. "I could adapt there staying in Utah. I like BYU and they're one of my top school choices. I like BYU and if they offered me I would probably accept it. I want to go on my mission. You know, out here in the Pac-10 they might not hold a scholarship for me. I want to go on my mission but primarily I want I would like to go to BYU because they're a Mormon school."

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