Player Profile: Vic So'oto

Freshman tight end sensation Vic So'oto is making a name for himself early on in fall camp. In fact, word has it that So'oto has been called "The Terminator" by some BYU coaches. The nicknames may keep coming if So'oto continues the fearless, aggressive play he has showcased in camp so far.

He may be a true freshman, but Vic So'oto's nasty demeanor and large stature on the field would suggest otherwise. Even some of BYU's top defensive guns have tried to intimidate the talented tight end out of Carlsbad, Calif. to no avail.

"That's one thing I didn't want to do is come in here and be intimidated," So'oto said. "I'm not a person that gets intimidated and I'm not scared of anyone. I think that's more from my defensive side from when I used to hit people. I like hitting people and getting some contact. So if they want to square up I'll square up, and let the best man win."

Vic "The Terminator" So'oto feels the only person who can stop him is himself.

"I feel that the only thing that can stop me from playing well is myself," So'oto said. "I see the tight end competition and it helps me to understand what I need to do to play. Whatever the coaches say goes, so if I've got to red shirt, I'll red shirt. Right now, I'm just trying to get better to help this team."

So'oto has been going up against some of BYU's top and most experienced linebackers. He admitted there was one senior outside linebacker that was pretty tough to go up against.

"The hardest guy to get off of is Paul Walkenhorst," he said. "He's been the hardest teammate to release off of, but I match up pretty well with most linebackers and safeties and I just try to go out there and do my best."

Playing against Mendenhall's 3-3-5 defense So'oto has seen a big difference from high school to college level football.

"Oh I think it's fun," So'oto said with a smile. "I like playing against this defense. They go full speed, hit hard and that's what I like to see."

To help him gain a better understanding of what is expected of him within the offense, fellow teammates Johnny Harline and Daniel Coats have taken So'oto under their wing.

"It's a lot different than high school," said So'oto. "The speed and just how to read plays is different. You have to know what the quarterback is thinking, what the linemen are doing, what the outside receivers are doing and just know the whole offense and be playing off of them.

"It was hard at first but Johnny Harline and Daniel Coats have been helping me learn more. They have been helping me read defenses and other stuff like that."

Starting quarterback John Beck has also taken notice of So'oto's talents and has also sought to help the young tight end develop his talents.

"John Beck is smart, he's really smart," said So'oto. "He tells me what I'm doing wrong alignment wise, and all the little things that will make a good player into a great player. He's just really down to earth and he's a great leader.

"I feel really comfortable in this offense. There's an opportunity for the wide receivers with this passing offense, and I just feel blessed to be here at BYU. I just can't wait to play."

Just as the real "Terminator" wasn't a quitter, neither is So'oto. He is continuing to practice hard and hopes to get a chance to prove himself this season.

Side Note:

So'oto is closely related to BYU defensive linemen Russell Tialavea who recently had surgery to repair a shoulder.

"Well Russell [Tialavea] had surgery on his shoulder, so I think he'll be coming back after camp and will be red shirting," So'oto said. "He's a hard player too, and I'm sure he would be out here with the top D-linemen competing if he could. From what I know he's a worker and I'm sure he won't get down on himself too much. He'll just come back and do rehab on his shoulder so he can play next season."

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