Bigger, Stronger and on the Outside

Joe Griffin does not fit the stereotypical BYU receiver profile that fans have seen catching passes at LaVell Edwards Stadium the past several decades. Unfortunately, fans have not seen Griffin's unique style because of an injury, but he is now fully healthy and pushing for playing time with the first team offense as a direct result of his hard work in camp.

"Last year was a big process," Joe Griffin said. "I just told myself after the first couple of days of fall camp when I got injured, that I was going to dedicate myself to getting back at 100-percent and come out here and compete."

Griffin injured his shoulder during fall camp almost a year ago which made for a long layoff from playing football.

"It was a tough rehab process for my shoulder," he said. "I was out about four months from the surgery and then another three and a half months of rehab. I finally got back in the spring and it's definitely been an adjustment because I sat out for almost two years of football. I came here last year in June but 2003 was my last season. It's been around a year and a half, two years and it's been quite an adjustment getting my shoulder back.

"Now I feel confident. I want to go out and play because that's what I'm here for. I'm just confident and my shoulder doesn't bother me anymore."

Griffin is in a fight for a starting position as an outside receiver in an offense loaded with receiver talent. But, he feels his size and strength suit him well for a position that is usually reserved for the smaller speedier receivers that can stretch defenses downfield.

"I think I fit in great at this position because I'm a bigger receiver. I think my size and being physical is my strength. I'm not a speed guy, I mean, I can go deep but my game is more strength and over powering guys, running good routes, getting open and catching the ball.

"I think this offense is more timing based. Crowton's offense was timing based too but it took to long. This offense is more quick timing with three step drops. We work five steps drops in here at times and play action, so I think I fit in good with that because you don't have to run too long. You just have to make a couple moves, get open and catch the ball to do your thing.

"I think this style fits a lot of the guy's skills because it allows us to run after the catch verses just going deep all the time. But like I said, I can go deep also."

Griffin has shown he can go deep. In fact, he's done it several times during scrimmages. He's beaten different cornerbacks on deep routes for touchdowns.

"It's just a streak all the way," Griffin said with a chuckle. "I got him [cornerback] one time earlier and I thought I could beat him again, so I sold the route and I got him deep for the touchdown."

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