BYU Fall Football Practice Report 8-20

The Cougar football team scrimmaged at LaVell Edwards Stadium for the second time this fall in front of Cougar Club members as well as family members of current players. The scrimmage went about an hour and a half and TBS has a rundown of the proceedings.

- The team practiced kickoffs at the beginning of the Scrimmage. The highlight was true freshman Shawn Doman busting through the wedge to drop a big hit on Nathan Meikle. Brett Cooper and Bryce Mahuika also fielded kickoff returns.

- John Beck took the first team offense against the first team defense and threw three straight incompletions leading to a 33-yard punt from Derek McLaughlin. One of these incompletions was caused by linebacker Justin Luettgerodt knocking the ball down at the line of scrimmage.

- Matt Berry took the second team offense against the second team defense and threw three straight completions to Breyon Jones, Vic So'oto and Andrew George for eleven, ten and five yard gains respectively. After an incomplete pass to Joe Griffin, Berry hooked up with Zac Collie on a well-executed slip screen that went 45 yards for a touchdown.

- John Beck took the ones against the ones again. Curtis Brown took a run off tackle for a gain of nine yards on the first play. John Beck then completed a well-executed naked bootleg pass to Johnny Harline for six yards. After consecutive sacks by Corby Hodgkiss and Dustin Gabriel, Beck completed a 50-yard pass to Joe Griffin streaking down the middle of the field. This was followed by Beck hitting Todd Watkins for five yards on a hot read. After consecutive three yard runs by Curtis Brown, Beck hit Griffin in the end zone for a five yard score.

- Berry took the field again with the twos against the twos and promptly completed an 11 yard pass to So'oto. After an incompletion, Wayne Latu ran the ball for six yards. Berry then hit Saia Hafoka for six yards followed by another incompletion. After a holding penalty, Berry threw five straight completions, including a 17-yard pass to Luke Ashworth on a wide receiver screen, a 12-yard pass to Collie, a 24-yard pass to Cooper, a one yard screen pass to Ray Hudson followed by another pass to Hudson where Cole Miyahira tracked him down to stop him for no gain. Berry then barely missed Cooper in the end zone on third down. The field goal attempt from 38 yards out was no good by Jared McLaughlin as the ball hit the left goal post.

- John Beck then took the field again and completed three straight passes to Harline, Griffin and Watkins for five, 16 and 14 yards respectively. Manaia Brown then knocked down a pass at the line of scrimmage for an incompletion. The drive then stalled after a one yard scramble from Beck followed by a seven yard pass to Mahuika. D. McLaughlin then got off a 43 yard punt.

- The team then practiced punting for two sets which included a 48 yard effort from D. McLaughlin followed up by a 60 yard punt that traveled high in the air with incredible hang time.

- The next set of reps ended quickly for the first teams as John Beck threw an interception which was picked off by Aaron Gordon an returned for a touchdown.

- John Beck and the ones then got a lot of work on the next series which started with two straight incompletions followed by a Dan Bates sack which was called back due to the defense being off sides. John Beck then threw four straight completions that came with a 14 yard pass to Miekle, a negative one yard shovel pass to C. Brown where Bryan Kehl made a great play on the ball, another pass to Miekle for 16 yards and a 13 yard pass to Watkins. After a two yard run from C. Brown, Jo. Beck threw another four straight completions to Harline, Miekle twice in a row and C. Brown for six, two, three and four yards respectively. After a sack by Matt Ah You that came about by a high snap, C. Brown ran it for a two yard TD.

- Jason Beck then took the field with the 3rd team offense against the ones on defense. He threw an eight yard screen pass to Ashworth followed by a four yard pass to Hafoka. After three straight incompletions which included Vince Feula knocking down a pass, Beck hit Collie for a 25 yard pass. Ja. Beck followed that up by throwing an interception that was picked off by Paul Walkenhorst on a screen attempt. Walkenhorst ran a few yards before lateraling to Marquardt who ran downfield for almost 40 yards before handing it off to Stephen Covey who took it for the touchdown.

- The final set saw Jason Beck going against the third-stringers on defense. He threw a six yard pass to So'oto, followed by a seven yard pass to Bryan Kariya which was followed by another pass to So'oto for 18 yards. After an incompletion, Ja. Beck scrambled for minimal gains on consecutive plays. He then hit So'oto again for a nine yard pass. After an incompletion, Ja. Beck hit Hafoka and Jones for passes of six and 19 yards. After an incompletion, Kariya ran the ball twice in a row for minimal yardage with Richard Nehring making a nice stop on one of the runs. The set and the scrimmage ended with two incompletions.

"I would have hoped today that our execution would have been at a higher level," said coach Bronco Mendenhall following the scrimmage. "We're not playing clean right now. The turnovers today were worrisome. It seems as if the turnovers are coming up during scrimmage situations more so than they are during practice and as far as my expectations of seeing a quality football team executing at a high level today I could see that we have some work to do."

The urgency comes to the forefront now as the kickoff against Boston College moves closer each day. "You can look at it in a lot of ways," said Mendenhall. "I prefer to look at it with an end in mind keeping in mind the urgency in which we need to get these things corrected is what I came away with today feeling."

In regards to D. Marquardt taking a lateral from Walkenhorst and lumbering 40 yards downfield before juking Manase Tonga, Coach Mendenhall was asked if there were thoughts to move Marquardt to fullback in which the head coach deadpanned, "Absolutely not."

"I was surprised Paul [Walkenhorst] lateraled it to me," said Marquardt regarding the play. "I just started running and wanted to lateral it to someone immediately, but nobody came, so I just went."

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