A Changing of the Guard

This year BYU's defensive line has the returning talent to disrupt the success of opposing offenses. With the success and experience of Daniel Marquardt at the defensive tackle position, BYU coaches have moved former nose guard Vince Feula to the outside at defensive end.

"Marquardt's in the middle and we've got Manaia [Brown] at outside left and I'm on the right," said Vince Feula. "We've got an all-Poly D-line. Coach said he wanted all the best players on the field, so we're doing whatever we can to get the best eleven guys on the field whether it'll be taking out an extra safety, taking out a linebacker or taking out a D-lineman and putting in an extra linebacker. What ever it takes."

So far, the only recent position change has come with Feula moving to defensive end so Marquardt can man the middle.

"Well, first of all the coaches came to me and told me they want to try me out at defensive end," Feula said. "I just told them I will do what I can to help the team. If they want me to play end, I'll play end or whatever I can to help the team."

Feula said the adjustment does not necessarily require a change in technique but rather a new set of responsibilities.

"It's been a big change and it's a lot different," he said. "At the nose [guard] it's a simple assignment. You just step one way or step another way, but at the end position you have more responsibilities and assignments, such as you have to know when you have to go and contain, when to cover a receiver, or when to cover a back. I think I've made some progress these past few days I've been playing D-end.

"I don't think it's too difficult for me. Basically it's the same reads as the inside. It's the same block rushes but from an outside perspective now, so in that regard it's the same at the outside. It's not too difficult for me and I've picked it up pretty quick."

With BYU's new offensive line splits that have linemen creating untraditional gaps between the various O-line positions, Feula did say there was one thing that he has struggled with in his new position.

"It's a lot harder to get to the quarter against our offense, yeah," said Feula. "With those O-line splits you're out there about twenty yards. If you beat your guy you still have to run fifteen yards just to get to the quarterback. It's tough against our offense; they're real good."

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