Player Profile - K.C. Bills

The BYU defensive backfield has looked a bit sparse of late. Many players who began fall camp on the two-deep are now with under the watchful eye of strength and conditioning coach Jay Omer. One of the walking wounded who should soon rejoin the ranks of the healthy is safety K.C. Bills.

My wife likes K.C. Bills because she thinks he looks like Matt Damon. Standing outside the north practice field doors, as he walked in from a tough work out (his 6-1 220lb body glistening with sweat) he gave my wife a nice smile. I had to hold her up for a moment as her knees buckled. If I hadn't had to catch her, I would have gone after him and explained that we have CHILDREN for gosh dang-it sakes!

Not that I would notice, but I'm told he has a movie star body as well. Some guys got it all. Even when it comes to football, he is the jack of all trades. In high school he was a noted running back that averaged nearly 8 yards per carry and had 25 touchdowns. On the other side of the field he posted over 100 tackles as a senior and became one of the most highly sought after recruits for BYU that year.

BYU brought K.C. Bills in to be a linebacker. Which he still might be if he BYU was so short in the defensive backfield. As it is, his speed, big hit mentality and with an oversized posse of players at the linebacker position, the coaches to ask Bills to give safety a shot.

Now after years of running forward, KC Bills is doing his best to run hard backwards. Oh, and you can't touch them if they don't have the ball! Just run with them.

"I'm doing ok," Bills admitted. "The assignment part is making more sense to me. I feel like I can run with them. My tendency is to mug 'em and throw 'em around."

Like he's done other times in his career, however, Bills is making the adjustment.

"The first week was an adjustment, trying to feel more comfortable in the secondary," he said

Bills has had to fight off the injury bug at times here at BYU. His most serious bout was a shoulder problem that forced him to red-shirt in 2004. Bills is still nursing an injury but was back on the field this evening for position drills.

Before getting injured, Bills has recently been getting his chance at the Kat position playing with the 1st team. Quinn Gooch will battle Bills for that spot when the two come back from his injury.

"It's a little more realistic look when we get in pads and that's when we get the best practices," said Bills. "It's hard finding a balance when we do half pads. We get in trouble if we tackle them. We're really only supposed to just wrap 'em up and pop 'em."

Even though Bills was recruited out of Colorado back in 2000, he comes into this season as a red-shirt sophomore, who already has fame under his belt. He was credited with a safety in the 2003 USC game.

At the katback position at BYU, Bills will bring his big hitting reputation to the backfield at BYU. It is already obvious he has the talent and skills to contribute at his new position. With experience, he could end up being one of the best big hitters BYU has had in its defensive backfield.

For you girls, it's gonna be a few more years till you get to see…K.C. on the big screen however, he has more important blocks to bust for the time being.

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