Walking in His Father's Footsteps

Recently returned from serving an LDS mission in Seattle, Washington (the same mission as his father, BYU Assistant Head Coach Lance Reynolds), Dallas Reynolds is excited to see the changes in the BYU football program.

It has been a little over two years since the Utah first team all-state and second team all-west offensive linemen Dallas Reynolds committed to BYU and soon afterwards left to serve a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"I went to the same mission as my father and it was a cool experience," said Reynolds.

It would not be long before Elder Reynolds would have the exact same experience his father had years ago.

"I was only out for a few weeks and I remember one cool experience that I had was we were going to a member's house for dinner, and I came walking up the side walk and up his stairs," Reynolds recalled. "Well, for some reason he asked me if I was Elder Reynolds and I said, ‘Yeah.' He then asked me if my father was Elder Lance Reynolds and I said, ‘Yeah.' Then he said to me, "About thirty years ago your father was Elder Reynolds and he came walking up the same stair way and dinner in this same house.'

He was a member of the church and an older gentleman. He was a member when my dad was there and just knew him and recognized him and remembered him and wondered if I was his son. To me it was a neat experience to be there in the same house that my father ate at, and to serve in the same area that my father served in. That was an awesome experience for me."

Nearly three months removed from the mission field, Reynolds is now fully entrenched in the fall football camp. Having been away from the game for over two years, Reynolds is not quite up to where he used to be athletically. The frustrations and hardships can be overwhelming at times even for the most seasoned of athlete. Reynolds leans on his past experiences while serving a full-time mission for strength to endure the current challenges.

"The thing about a mission that I'm so grateful for was that it was something for me that I could build up my testimony because there are so many choice experiences, and, some are personal and there are some that I'm more willing to share," said Reynolds. "You can see these people and how it changes their life. So it's something that gives you motivation in your own life to be a better person, and then you can come home off your mission and have that motivation and desire to do what ever.

"I think the thing that has helped me the most right now, because I'm going through fall camp right now, is that you have frustrating times in the mission field and there are times when you want to give up but you have that motivation to continue and go on. You come here to fall camp and into two a days, and sometimes you feel the same way. You want to give up, you're tired, you're sore, you're beat up and you want you want to continue going forward and keeping moving on, so I think this influence from the mission field has helped me out a whole lot."

Despite the hardships of fall camp, Reynolds is delighted with the direction the program is currently heading under new Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall. His past is once again meeting up with the present.

"It's awesome," Reynolds declared. "I love where the program is going. He's trying to take it back to where BYU used to be with the tradition. The way that I grew up watching BYU football my entire life, so I remember the old days, the day's coach Mendenhall was talking about. I'm excited to get back to those traditional ways that BYU established a long time ago."

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