Quinn Gooch Getting Back In the Action

With David Tafuna getting reps with the first team defense in place of an injured Dustin Gabriel, the sight of Quinn Gooch, another talented member of the secondary back after what has seemed like a long lay-off period, bodes well for the cougar defense.

Despite missing quite a bit of fall camp, Quinn Gooch is making the most of being out on the field at a difficult time when expectations can run very high as fall camp inches closer to completion.

"I feel good," said Gooch. "I mean, my leg is fine and my hamstring is fine. The only thing is getting myself back to where I need to be. I mean, I know the defense. I know what my responsibilities are and I know what I'm supposed to do, but I need to execute at a higher level and make sure I do it with exactness and not make any mistakes."

After two seasons in the system, Gooch knows the routine and what is expected of himself and every defender on the field. However, the rust from a lack of playing time can still cause even the most talented of defensive backs to second guess, react a little slower and not play at the top of his game.

"Coach doesn't want me to make mistakes and I don't want to make mistakes and that's what I'm trying to do right now," Gooch said.

His off-and-on playing situation has made it a bit tough for Gooch to find his continuity and defensive rhythm. He is working hard to mesh in with his teammates in order to be at the right place at the right time.

"Yeah, it's just getting used to playing again and used to being in the game again and everything like that," said Gooch. "You know, that comes really quick and there's really no excuse for me making mistakes. You just gotta play harder and play better, concentrate better and focus better. You just gotta watch tape and do the right things."

During scrimmages, Gooch's competitive spirit and desire to get to where he and his coaches feel he needs to be is obvious. Despite his current struggles to reach that personal plateau Gooch has his eyes squarely fixed on being apart of helping this defense reach its goals.

"I think our goal is always to not let them score and don't let them move the ball," said Gooch. "I mean, to stop them every single play. It doesn't matter what down it is or what distance it is to make sure they don't score or move the ball."

There is still a week and a half to go before fall camp is finally over. BYU fans can sleep a little easier at night knowing Gooch is back and healthy competing as best he can in order to be ready for what ever offense Boston College will throw at the Cougars on September 3rd.

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