BYU Gets another Back

As opening day with Boston College approaches, BYU's secondary is getting closer to looking like it did before fall camp. After suffering a minor shoulder injury early on, speedy defensive back Chris Hale has rejoined the first team lineup.

BYU got a shot in the arm when defensive back Chris Hale returned to the line up, and even though he is not quite where he would like to be physically, Hale feels his injury won't be much of an issue come game day this Saturday.

"I should be okay, things are going good," Hale said. "My shoulder is still giving me a couple of problems but I should be good to go against Boston College. They've been able to keep me nice and wrapped up so it hasn't given me to many problems. It's getting stronger every day and hopefully by Saturday it will be fairly normal. Obviously it will be a little painful but that's part of the game."

Hale missed close to two weeks of fall practice after making the switch to defense last spring. He also practiced at the cornerback position diligently over voluntary summer workouts with the team and rarely missed a summer practice opportunity.

"I missed not quite two weeks," commented Hale. "I missed a Saturday practice and I was able to rest up over the weekend, and then I was out for contact stuff for about four days and then I hurt it again. After that I was out of practice completely for about four days and I haven't been doing much contact stuff since then until now. I'm starting to get a little more."

Despite his absence from contact and scrimmages, Hale was still able to participate with the team in assignment walk-throughs. This approach allows injured players to still learn and develop within their positions, so when the time comes they can simply be plugged right in without missing much of what the defense is working on. Now he simply has to work on polish up on his playing performance.

"I think it's been good because I've still been able to come out and walk through things, so at least we are still on the same page," Hale replied. "My execution still leaves a lot of room to be desired. I've got two days to polish it up before Boston College, but I'll be there by then. I'll be there and I'll be ready by that time."

With his shoulder wrapped up as he goes through full scrimmage drills and contact, Hale feels his injury has progressed far enough that it should not require any numbing in order to endure the rigors of game day contact. He joins other defensive backs that have recently returned to BYU's thin secondary line-up following minor camp injuries such as cougarback David Tafuna. Hale joins both Tafuna and Quinn Gooch, who has rapidly progressed with the first team defense getting his timing and mind set down. All three will be good to go against Boston College.

"I'm very excited," concluded Hale with a smile. "We've always started off strong for our season openers, and just to have a team of that caliber coming in here it's a good chance for us to start the season off they way we want to."

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