Newcomer to Big Time Football

BYU had some newcomers in the line up for last Saturday's contest against number 22 ranked Boston College. One such newcomer was former Independence Junior College cornerback Justin Robinson who, despite the overwhelming noise and larger than usual crowed, was not all that nervous.

Stepping out onto the playing field of Lavell Edwards Stadium as sixty-five thousand screaming fans cheer your entrance could make anyone resemble a deer in headlights. For BYU's newest cornerback, Justin Robinson, the experience was more motivational than intimidating.

"I thought I would be nervous but the funny thing was I wasn't nervous," smiled Robinson. "It was more of an adrenaline rush than anything. The crowed was definitely something beautiful to hear. I was just excited and just ready to go. That's how I felt."

Running out of the tunnel for the first time was quite a memorable experience for Robinson who has never heard a crowed cheer that loud during game time.

"I've never heard anything like that" said Robinson. "The closest thing was probably our J.C. rival game but the stadium wasn't even half that loud."

The confidence and performance Robinson displayed out on the field playing against 22nd ranked Boston College is to be commended. He came to realize very quickly he could play with Boston College's top receivers after seeing how they compared to BYU's own receiving core.

"No, I wasn't intimidated at all, Robinson said. "They have some good receivers but our receivers out here are much better."

After facing BYU's top receivers all fall camp, Robinson quickly realized the competition was not quite up to par. His confidence grew as he realized Boston College's fastest receiver was not quite as fast as fellow teammate Todd Watkins.

"I would say our receivers out here present more of a challenge than Boston College's receivers," said Robinson. "You know, they ran good routes but here at BYU they're more technical and more sound. You can really get beat more here than with the receivers at Boston College.

"I was basically running with, I think it was Blackmon. I think he was their fastest receiver and he was pretty impressive, but he didn't compare to guys like Todd [Watkins] and some other receivers we have here. Especially Todd [Watkins] who I think is faster than Will Blackmon of Boston College."

Up next on the schedule is Eastern Illinois University. A Division I-AA team that Robinson feels will take a hard long look at what Boston College did, and try to implement a similar quick passing attack to wide receivers.

During today's practice, Robinson showed his adjustment to the quick outlet pass. Recognizing quickly the play was going to be a quick outlet pass to a receiver, Robinson jumped on the route early to intercept the ball.

Side Notes:

-The long ball was back in action during today's scrimmage. On the first play of today's scrimmage quarterback John Beck hit receiver Todd Watkins for a touchdown to the delight of fellow teammates standing on the sidelines.

-Freshman receiver Luke Ashworth caught a Matt Berry pass over the middle that went the distance during divided team scrimmages.

-T.J. Sitaki made a good play from his defensive end position by recovering a fumble that he ran back for a touchdown. Sophomore linebacker Bryan Kehl also recovered a fumbled ball that he ran back as well.

-Katback walk-on Corby Hodgkiss intercepted a Matt Berry pass and was able to return the ball for a large gain before coaches blew the play dead.

-Tight end Jonny Harline ran and scrimmaged with the team following a minor shoulder injury he suffered during last Saturday's contest with Boston College. Harline has been practicing with the team all week and should see some playing time against EIU if coaches feel there is no risk of further injury.

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