TBS Fan Speak with Ray Hudson

TotalBlueSports.com kicks off a new season of "Fan Speak" where you, the fans, combine to pick the player to interview and then submit your questions for him. Today's player of choice is BYU running back Ray Hudson from Wharton, Texas.

Following a high-spirited practice on Wednesday, TBS caught up with Raymond Hudson, who had just jogged off the field. The Cougar running back took a few minutes to answer questions from TBS subscribers.

First up is Jim V. from American Fork, Utah who asked: "How do you feel that the new offense installed by Coach Robert Anae fits your talents?"

"Coach Robert Anae—I think he's a good coach," said Hudson. "The system is really good for running backs who are trying to get to that next level because it helps you develop in both your running and passing games. I feel it fits me really good because in high school that's how my team was. I had both rushing and receiving yards so it fits me really good."

Jim V. followed up with: "Have you learned the Haka and have you participated in the pre-game dance?"

Hudson: "No, I haven't learned the Haka yet, but I might learn it and participate in it."

Roger H. from Loma Linda, California asked: "What is you favorite nickname?"

Hudson: "They really just call me Ray or ‘Ray Ray.'"

Roger H.: "I understand you gained some weight, how much?"

Hudson: "When I first came in as a freshman I was about 185 to 190. Right now I'm about 195 getting closer to 200."

Michael S. of Phoenix, Arizona wants to know: "Do you have any desire to play on special teams as a punt or kickoff returner? Have you had a chance to try out? I think your speed and elusiveness could be of benefit there."

Hudson: "Yeah, I wanted to do kickoff returns when I first came. But everybody else was involved with it. Right now I'm practicing it now trying to get into doing those kickoff returns."

Darius R.: of Las Vegas, Nevada asked: "Do you believe you are ready to contribute to this offense now?"

Hudson: "Yeah I think I'm ready but it's up to the coaches to put me in or what ever they want to do, but I'm ready to play without a doubt."

Darius R.: "If you still believe you need improvement or time to learn, in what areas do you think you need improvement to be a significant offensive contributor?"

Hudson: "I mean everybody is not perfect. Everybody needs to learn more to keep getting better. Even at the next level on the field there are guys that still got to learn. My weaknesses right now is probably picking up the pass and pass blocking. It's a must, you got to pass block because if you don't pass block it don't open up our top receivers, and if the receivers don't get open it doesn't open it up for the run."

Russ M. of Orem, Utah asked: "Since you haven't played in the first two games, is there a possibility you might red shirt this year so you would have three years left to be a significant contributor of the offense?"

Hudson: "It's a possibility and I've been thinking about that real clearly and it's a possibility. Like I said before it's pretty much up to the coaches on what they want to do."

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