Tevaga Having Second Thoughts?

BYU has been the victim of losing potential recruits to other school at the last minute of the recruiting process, but this may be the year BYU steals one. Ironically, BYU may take a player back from the school that lured away the Cougars' most prized recruit, Ben Olson.

Sonny Tevaga is a huge lineman from Compton, Ca. that has already verbally committed to UCLA, where his older brother Shannon plays.

"I committed to UCLA this summer, but I still want to check out some other schools," Tevaga said. "I am really interested in visiting BYU, but I can't get a hold of Coach Steve Kafusi. I tried emailing him but I'm not sure if it's his right email address."

The 6'4", and 355-pound lineman who is very jovial and outgoing said his brother loves UCLA and he likes UCLA a lot to but wants to see what else is out there.

"I like Colorado, Arizona and BYU along with UCLA," Tevaga said. "I haven't been offered a scholarship to BYU but I would be interested if they did."

Sonny said he doesn't plan on serving a mission at 19 but would like to later in life with his wife. He also said he is averaging 10 pancakes a game on his team this year.

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