Tonga Sets Top Five caught up with a big time recruit from just outside San Francisco. The FB/DE prospect is focusing on his senior season, but has found time to do some research on potential colleges, too. He now has a list of his top five schools, which he shared with TBS.

While defensive end/fullback Matangi Tonga has been putting up monster numbers on the field this season, he has also been trimming his list of potential colleges. Having already recorded 6 sacks on defense and 9 touchdowns on offense in just 5 games, Tonga is drawing attention from the top programs in the country. Tonga now lists his top five schools (in no particular order) as USC, UCLA, Oregon, ASU, and BYU.

Tonga already has offers from all of these schools, except for USC, who is just now beginning to focus in on him. While Tonga has posted very impressive numbers at the fullback position, he says he will only play, and is only being recruited, as a defensive end.

"I love playing fullback, but it's just to keep me in shape," he said. "I love playing on the D-Line, and that's what I want to do in college."

With his team, San Mateo High School, Tonga is most concerned about winning a state title. At 4-1 San Mateo looks to be a legitimate contender, and Tonga is certainly pulling his weight on both sides of the ball.

Standing at 6'2", and weighing in at 260 lbs., Tonga is surprisingly fast, having recorded a 4.8 time in the 40 at a recent USC combine. Additionally, Tonga's max bench press is now up to 340 lbs.

Matangi has received visits from the coaches at Oregon, BYU, UCLA, and ASU. While he has not yet taken any official trips, he has attended several BYU games this year. His brother, Manase Tonga, is seeing some time at fullback, and Matangi likes the family connection at Brigham Young. Having toured the campus, Matangi was impressed, and spoke highly of the program, coaches, and facilities.

Tonga has had many more offers, some from strong programs such as Nebraska, but feels good about his current top five. He notes that he has had the most contact with Oregon and BYU, and is very familiar with the Cougar program, in large part from his brother Manase.

Tonga will no doubt continue to draw national attention as he continues to dominate on the field. With his top five schools in place, he now looks towards a state title. Wherever he ends up, he will no doubt be an impact player, and will bring his impressive skills, and solid character to the collegiate level.

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