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When Max Hall was in High School he was regarded as one of the top QB's in the state of Arizona. He chose Arizona State, redshirted a year, and then left on his mission. Now he is back and TotalBlueSports caught up with him and talked about his plans for the near future.

"I'm now 6'2", 195 pounds," Max Hall said. "I've been dying to get back on the football field."

Which football field he gets back on is the question. Since he has been back Max has talked to the Head Coach at ASU. But BYU is still an option. When asked if BYU was a possibility Max responded.

"Sure it is," Hall said. "I just want to make a decision as soon as I can."

Max is good friends with current BYU cougar Drew Mugleston, the two have been in contact since his return from his mission and have joked about how they would like to play together.

"I just need to do what's best for me," Hall said. "I will look a little bit at the schools and see which qb's are there and figure things out."

Max said he has yet to talk to any coaches at BYU, but isn't sure if they are allowed to contact him or not.

"I want to enroll for winter semester," Hall said. "So I will be deciding what I want to do soon."

Max said he feels like he is in "decent" shape; he lifted weights on his mission and as soon as he got home, but said he needs to start running to get his legs back. He feels like his arm is still as strong as ever and is ready to go.

"I'm a drop back passer, who makes good reads, and throws a nice accurate ball," Hall said. "But I can also run. In high school we had plays where I would roll out."

Totalbluesports will stay in contact with Max and report on where he decides to go.

"Right now its between BYU and ASU," Hall said. "But I still want to check out some other options too."

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