Hall Nears Decision

Just a few years removed from signing with Arizona State over BYU, Max Hall is back from an LDS mission and one again facing a decision between Provo and Tempe. Hall recently returned from an unofficial visit to BYU and TBS got his thoughts on the revamped Cougar football program.

"I love it there," said Max Hall about BYU. "I've always liked BYU a lot and that hasn't changed. The campus, the environment and just the feel you get when being there is something that I like a lot."

Hall was also impressed with the team in general watching the Cougar offense dismantle the hapless Air Force defense. "They were great," said Hall. "It was fun to watch an offense perform like that. I'd love to play in that type of offense with that type of productivity."

Gary Crowton was the head coach with Robbie Bosco as the quarterback coach at BYU when Hall was recruited. While Hall liked the staff when he attended BYU's summer camp three summers ago, he is also taking a liking to Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall and quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman and the new football regime.

Said Hall: "I was able to get to know Coach Doman and talked to him quite a bit during my visit. He just knows the game so well having played quarterback himself at a high level. He's a great guy and the type of coach I'd love to have teach me how to become a better quarterback. He's also very competitive which I like."

The Mesa, Ariz. native was also impressed with Mendenhall "He's very straight-forward and honest," said Hall. "He's a coach who I think will help bring this program to where it once was. I think he's already doing it."

Hall also mentioned that the situation is ideal at BYU for him to come in and play quarterback. He could work out the post missionary kinks and adjust to a new offense while John Beck leads the team as a senior. "The situation for me playing couldn't be better if I were to go to BYU," said Hall

So where does Hall currently stand and when will he make his final decision? "I want to decided here within the next couple of weeks," he said. "While I love BYU and I know that the situation there with school, football and just the environment is pretty ideal, I like Arizona State a lot too. They have a lot to offer as well and I just have to decide between them now. It's going to be a tough decision, but I have to do what I feel will be the best for me as a student and as a football player."

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