Top Utah Quarterback Excited About BYU

As prized quarterback recruit James Lark leads his team to the state semi-finals, he is excited about the emerging BYU offense. The Cougs may have started a bit slow, but the BYU commit is pumped because the offense has finally "clicked" to become a balanced, efficient scoring unit.

"It started off kind of slow and it was frustrating watching them not win those games at the beginning, but you can now just see their offense is just starting to click," James Lark said. "They just know what works and they know they're good players and know who can get it done. They're just starting to just rip it up, and I go to every game I can. I go to every home game, I went down to the UNLV game and I just love watching them. I'm excited to get there and start playing."

After setting a record last year for the most touchdowns thrown in the beehive state, Lark is backing it up with another outstanding performance and the season is not even over yet.

"Well, the season's going good," Lark said. "We're playing in the state semi-finals this week. Right now we're 11 and one I think. We lost one game in our region so we weren't the number one seed because we didn't win region. We lost to Hurricane and they're in the semi-finals too in the other bracket. I hope we get another chance at them because I know we can beat them.

"For me personally I feel the season's going great. I'm more comfortable as a quarterback this year than I was last year. Last year I just hucked the ball all around, but this year I kind of know more of what I'm doing. So far I've thrown like 33 or 34 touchdowns and around three interceptions. I think I have around 2800 yards or something like that. I think I have like 10 rushing touchdowns."

His record last year was 41 and the goal he set for himself for this year 50. In a previous interview, Lark mentioned how he wanted to be the first quarterback in the state of Utah to reach 50 touchdowns in a single season. With the state finals still ahead of him he could still reach or surpass his previous record of 41 and rack up well over 3,000 yards for his senior season. However, the goal of 50 is probably a bit out of reach.

The Pine View High School quarterback simply cannot say it enough about LaVell Edwards Stadium and BYU football. He is excited about the direction of the program, about playing in front of all those screaming Cougar fans and about continuing to build on what Mendenhall has brought to Cougar Town.

"It's going to be way exciting," Lark said. "I mean, to be in the atmosphere of the game and be a part of an offense that I think I'll fit in well with, it's just exciting. I just want to get out in front of all those people and prove what I can do and have fun doing it.

"I think the offense fits all of my strengths because I love throwing the ball deep, and I also love just picking defenses apart by throwing short—10 yards at a time. BYU has proven they can do that, and I think if they feel I'll be all right to run the ball they'll put stuff in the offense that will allow me to run it. They just put in what will works no matter who it's too or who it's with. I think BYU's offense could be ranked pretty high up there next year.

"It's just the type of offense a quarterback wants to be in. They pass a lot but they also run the ball too, so with me and my good buddy Mike Hague there I'm just excited to run that offense with him behind me in the backfield."

Over the summer, Lark had become very good friends with Brighton High School star player Mike Hague who has risen to become the state's top rusher.

"Yeah, I talk to Mike and BYU is recruiting him as a running back now instead of a safety, so he's going to be our main running back for this recruiting year," Lark said.

Lark has not spoken to Cottonwood High School star running back Stanley Havili, but he feels Havili will probably end up elsewhere. However if the 4-star recruit does end up in Provo, Lark feels BYU's backfield of Hague and Havili would be like another lethal Cougar combination.

"I don't think he's going to end up going to BYU, but if he does it's going to be like having Fahu Tahi and Curtis Brown in the backfield again," Lark said.

With BYU's offense putting up numbers reminiscent of the good old days, the Cougar defense has struggled from time to time. During the UNLV game, the defensive secondary stepped up their game to make the outing the most complete overall performance by the team on the year.

"I think the defense will come around," said Lark. "I don't know how long it will take but once they do that, I just see BYU being consistently a top 25 team in the nation again. I think it's the right decision and I have no doubts about it. I think I made the right decision and I don't even think twice about it. I'm so excited and I think I'm coming into BYU at the perfect time."

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