So What's the Difference?

BYU's offense has been on a tear recently. Led by running back Curtis Brown, BYU's 442 total yard performance against CSU seemed to start it off. Following a loss in South Bend, BYU bounced back with 683 total offensive yards against Air Force and 491 yards against UNLV in Sam Boyd Stadium. So what's been the difference?

As a BYU defensive back, Spencer White faces the Cougar offense week in and week out and has personally seen his teammates mature as the season progressed. There have been valleys along the way, as quarterback John Beck will tell you, but one thing is for sure, this offense is becoming exactly what Coach Mendenhall had envisioned. The encouraging thing is that the offense has been in place for less than a year.

So what's been the difference so far?

"The team has looked really good," said White. "[The offense is] focused and executing really well. I mean, it's been a good week of practice this week and tomorrow will be another day and we'll even get better tomorrow."

When White says this offense will get better tomorrow, he is right. There has not been a repeat performance of the dink and dunk offense BYU fans saw during the Cougar game opener against Boston College. While that might have been what the Eagles were giving the Cougar offense at the time, the BYU offense has evolved into a much more sophisticated and well rounded unit. This is primarily due to the fact that the offense has become more comfortable executing the system with confidence and precision.

"The biggest thing I've seen from the offense is confidence," White said. "They believe and know they can score on anyone, and it's just awesome watching them go out and do that. It's been great getting to that point where you can just be focused on what you're doing and be able to do it. Not being over confident but having confidence and that swagger knowing you're going to get the job done."

Mendenhall enjoys an upperclassmen laden roster where skill players man key positions. When the process becomes a natural one rather than a thought out one, confidence in the task at hand abounds.

"Defensively I've seen a steady improvement offensively; I would say even a big jump from the last two games," White said. "They're confidant in making their assignments and in regards to making plays and there's been a big improvement there.

"I wish this wasn't my last year being on Coach Mendenhall's first year. I think our game against UNLV was our first complete game of the season. The game plan was great and Coach Mendenhall put us into a position for us to succeed, and us just concentrating, executing and that's the key. In the past at times we've lacked that. There were times where we looked great and executed for three quarters, but this was the first time we went out and finished the game and executed throughout. We didn't give up the big plays and stuff but that was the difference."

Next up, BYU faces the Cowboys of Wyoming in Laramie. White feels BYU fans will see a repeat performance as the Cougars look to put together another complete performance for the second straight week.

"Yeah I'm confident we're going to do the job again," White said.

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