Going Out with a Bang

Southlake Carroll High School currently enjoys a 10-0 record on the season as they head into Texas 5-A state play-off competition this weekend. Wide receiver McKay Jacobson expects to play a significant part in keeping his team perfect in the post season.

Oklahoma State Scout.com publishers felt McKay Jacobson was the best receiver on their recruiting list. This Saturday, Jacobson could face some future teammates is if he were to accept OSU's scholarship offer.

"We have our first play-off game this Saturday in Texas Stadium," Jacobson said. "We're playing Irving MacArthur High School. Our team has been playing really well so hopefully we'll play well this Saturday against a good MacArthur team. They finished the regular season at 9-1 this year, and they've got a lot of D-1 defensive backs and they're defense is really good. Two of their linebackers are going to Oklahoma State."

Jacobson racked up over 13 full ride scholarship offers, most before suiting up for his senior season, from major programs in the Big 10, Big XII and Mountain West Conferences. With the heavy D-I attention, opposing coaches have wised up and tasked their most talented cornerbacks with keeping Jacobson in check.

"I think it just opens up other people, so if it does, great," Jacobson said about receiving extra attention from opposing secondaries. "A lot of the teams will play us differently. Usually they'll drop back eight and rush three and force us to try and rush the ball."

Despite facing the most talented of cornerbacks Texas 5-A football has to offer, Jacobson still managed an outstanding regular season.

"I've had a good year but I don't know my exact stats," Jacobson said. "I think I have 50 some odd catches for just under 1,000 yards. I've got around 11 or 12 touchdowns I think. I haven't gotten any returns for touchdowns yet but I've been close."

It is still any wonder why recruiting experts have rated Jacobson a three star recruit. The fact that U of U commit Marquise Wilson who played in a lower division, against lesser competition and did not put up the type of numbers Jacobson did managed to receive a four star ranking out of 3-A Juan Diego in Sandy, Utah. This has caused many people to come down with a serious case of skin irritation due to excessive head scratching.

Despite the rash of scalp irritation among Cougar faithful, Jacobson is simply focused on how BYU is playing and how soon he can get to Provo and contribute. "I try to pretty much watch every game and that offense is fun to watch," said Jacobson. "I can definitely see myself playing there and it's exciting.

"I'm heading out to Provo in January and will practice in spring then head out on my mission next January."

Despite having long been committed to BYU, Jacobson still receives phone calls and a ton of letters from top D-1 schools from around the country from coaches trying to persuade him into a different direction for his services. One of which now happens to be Notre Dame.

"I still get schools calling me and sending me letters," Jacobson said. "OSU and Texas Tech still call me and I still get letters from a ton of different places as well. The other day I got a call from Notre Dame. One of their recruiters called me and asked about me. I just told them that I was already committed to BYU."

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